Monday, February 6, 2017

My Weekly Progress Report...

Courtesy of Fitbit!  I don't recall seeing these emails before, but maybe I just deleted them without paying attention.  But now that I have this tracker on my arm most days, It is amazing the stats it has on me.

Fitbit weekly results

I honestly thought, I was more active this week, but Fitbit says ... NOT SO!  I am doing better on my sleep!  When I first started tracking my sleep I was only getting about 4.5 hrs of sleep per night.  No wonder I was always so tired. 

Well I hope to improve on these numbers this week, I hope to exceed what I did.  I initially set forth the goal to work out 5 days each week, and that was a  goal I actually meet!  I think it is time I kicked up the intensity though.  I started on Saturday with some jogging intervals on my treadmill session.  I survived..I will try again!

Here's to better health!


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