Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friday Recap

I got in late Friday night so doing my blog was the furthest thing from my mind.

The morning started off bad.  I went to leave to go to work and my car would not come out of park.  I have had this problem with the car before, but now it seems like it has started doing it again.   So i ended up staying at home and working from home.   Since I was home, I was able to get my new possessions from my neighbor.  He is moving and has given me bar stools and a corner shelf!  So I took possession of those today.  I need to dust and clean them, but I love em!  Then I had plans for a dinner & movie with Gwen, who is leaving Cali to move to AZ.  So this was our farewall event!  The bad morning didn't last long, Friday was actually a very very good day.

     1/2 Omellette (Cheese, mushroom, spinach)
     2 pancakes w/ syrup & butter

     Chile Limon Chips

     the other 1/2 of the omelette
     1 slice of wheat toast

     3 Mozarella Sticks

     3 Tacos
      chips & salsa

Not the greatest eating day, but I slowly have to cut of my bad eating.  I did not work out at all on Friday!  I should have taken advantage of being at home and at least walked in my neighborhood.  But I didn't.  I am happy and surprised to report, that I am sore from Thursday evenings spin class!  Ron did push us Thursday and I feel it!  I heart spinning!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Dresses, Dresses, Dresses

I have my eye on 2 dresses that I would love to buy! 


To motivate myself through the holidays I am going to treat myself to 1 of these dresses if I lose 20 pounds during the month of November.  The hard part is picking which dress to get, I love htem both!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wiping the Slate Clean....

Hello all real and imaginary blog readers!
Today October 27th I wipe the slate clean!  I got an email from a friend asking to help them out of a rut.  In my attempt to help them out of there rut, it made me do some self examination.  I was in a rut myself!  She helped me out of my rut!  I don't know if I did much for her, but I think in our own ways, we help each other!

So today I am back on my regimen.  I have been going "rogue" for the last 8 days.  My last workout workout Wednesday October 20th and I have been eating like it's 1999!  I don't know what that means, but if people can party like it's 1999, I can eat like it's 1999!  Today we are being to turn..and return to doing what I know I should be doing.  Today was not a perfect eating day, but an improvement from where I was yesterday and over the last 7 days.  So here we go:

    Scrambled eggs w/ 1/4 cup spinach
     Whole Wheat Rounds
     Pumpkin Latte

     Small bag of Cheetos (stress/comfort food)

     Baked chicken
     Red Cabbage salad

    Another bag of Cheetos (still stress/comfort food)

     4oz baked chicken
     1cup cooked Spinach
     1cup Zuchini

Evening Workout
     60 minutes of Spin Class
     Going to Spin Class after not working out for 8 days = REALLY BAD IDEA!
     I did enjoy this instructor though...Ron gets 2 thumbs up from me! Unfortunately he was subsititue teacher.  He said he normally teaches at the gym in Compton, so I will have to check out the class schedule over there!

Major accomplishment for the day:  NO SODA!!! 
Thanks all folks!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Just Checking In...

Sorry I have not posted anything since Thursday.  I am alive and well.  I have not done much excercising since my indoor rowing class.  I would recap my eating but I can't remember that far back. 

Thursday...I interviewed for a job at the Post office. That took up half my day.  I was there from 7:30 to about 12:30p.  I decided not to go through with the job and went home when I should have been taking a drug test.  Working for the Post office is no joke!  They were strict and demanded alot for $10 an hour w/ no benefits! 

Friday...I attended my first play.  I went to the Ahmanson Theater and saw Leap of Faith.  I enjoyed it, it was entertaining, comical, and kept my interest.  I was surprised I did not get bored sitting for 3 hours!

Saturday...I attended another play called I need thee.  It is horrible, boring and not done well at all!  Spent the evening in San Pedro.  San Pedro is a rather boring city, there was not much going on out there. 

Sunday...nothing exciting just church and went home.  Continued to struggle with my bad back pain and horrible cramps!  

And now it's Monday!  Back to work and I am trying to get back on my routine.  I will be sure to post tonight.  Tata!
Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Try at Indoor Rowing...Completed!

Being on vacation surely has gotten me off of my blogging routine.  Here is a recap of Wednesday October 20th!

AM Workout
     1hour Indoor Rowing

Pre Workout Eats
     Whole Wheat Round

After Workout Eat
      Pumpkin Latte

     Wings, I forgot the flavor
      Chinese chicken salad from the Feast of the East!

No Dinner:  I really was not hungry.  Eating did not even come to mind.

So Wednesday I ventured out to a new class I heard about on the internet.  It is called indoor rowing.  The class is in Long Beach and I got a coupon that my first class was free so I really had nothing to lose.  I got to the class Wednesday morning its in a warehouse.  I guess the owner of the gym owns this warehouse where he also stores his boats!  I was a little caught off gaurd by that, but hey whatever works for you.  There was about 15 rowers and a section with maybe 10 spin bikes, some free weights and some balance balls.  Nothing to extravagant, just the bare essentials.  My teachers name was Genevieve and before the class started she gave me the "how-to's of rowing. I made it throught he class.  I thought it was a bit boring, she had us rowing slowly.  In my opinion, I think it could have been more enjoyable if we were rowing faster!  Now that its the day after the rowing class..I see that it really is a work out.  I am extremely sore! 
So check out if there is a indoor rowing facility near you, it's really not a bad deal.  Here is the website to the place I went.
Video of indoor rowing

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This will be a quick post..I did not work out today.  I was storming really bad outside today so I stayed in.  There was really bad lightening and thunder.  I was really annoyed, irritated and frustrated today. So you know what that means....I ATE ALOT!   So today was not a good eating day, and with no excercise, it was a really really bad day.

    Scrambled egss with mushrooms & Spinach
    Whole Wheat Rounds

Lunch(Jack in the Box)
    Grilled Pastrami sandwich
    French Fries
    **this was sucha  disappiontment.  It looks so good pictured, but it did not meet my standards, and I normally love pastrami.

     Spicy Chicken Sandwich
     French Fries

I don't even dare look up the calories for that Jack in the Box Sandwich or hte Spicy Chicken Sandwich, I just know its high.  I probably ate about 3,000 calories today!  Ridiculus.  I was going to go workout tonight, but I am going to try a new class in the morning.  Indoor rowing the class starts @ 6am so I guess today will be a rest day and I will start tomorrow morning off with a new routine.  I'll let you know how Indoor rowing turns out.

I need help with learning how to deal with people.  Why is it that church folks are the hardest people to deal with? Why are we so set in our ways?  Why are we so darn impatient, prideful and vengeful.  I don't understand! 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mundane Monday

Man, today went by fast.  I don't know where the time went.  I met a friend for lunch today, ate at California Pizza Kitchen.  So today was not a good eat day.  My CPK meal itself was over 1500 calories.  But oh well, it was good!

     Regular Pumpkin Spice Latte

     Cup of Tortilla Soup
      Italian Deli Sandwich
      Strawberry Lemonade

     Side salad w/ italian dressing

     Hot wings from KFC (horrible choice, but I had a craving!)

Evening Workout
Tonight was just an easy workout.  Trying to workout after eating hot wings is not a good idea.
     30min Treadmill - Aerobic conditioning 1 setting
      350 calories burned


Weigh in Day Results: So Close Yet So Far Away

Well another weigh in day is here.  Down 6 pounds which brings me closer to my goal of getting under 350.  So I am 3 pounds away.  350 is definately in reach!  I'm gonna get there, I will, I will!

So here is progress report:

Weight Lost Summary
     Starting Weight (7/28/10):  377
     Weigh in date (8/9/10):  361
     Weigh in date (8/25/10):  363

     Weigh in date (9/6/10): 355
     Weigh in date (9/20/10): 365
     Weigh in date (10/4/10):  359
     Weigh in ate (10/18/10): 353
Net weight loss to date:  24 pounds!!! 

Next Weigh in:  Monday November 1st!  See ya there!

An Enjoyable Sunday

Started the morning off with a little cardio.  This was the first time being on the treadmill that I sweat so much I had sweat all over the treadmill console and on the ground!  It was a bit hard this morning but I wanted to push myself.

Sunday October 17 Recap
AM Workout
     30 min Treadmill - Aerobic 1 setting (this has inclines)
     3 min walk/2 min jog intervals 364.8 calories burned.
**Thinking:  On Friday I did 30 minute intervals also, on flat course and burned 334calories. I would have thought I would burn more than 30 extra calories with the inclines.  Hmmm.  Maybe the slower spend affected that.  Oh well!

     Atkins Vanilla Shake
     Whole Wheat Rounds

Lunch - ate @ Red Lobster
     Snapper Fillet, Broccoli, 2 portions of wild rice, Sprite, and 2 biscuits

Late night snack - Taco Bell. 
     Steak Quesadilla
     Crunchy Taco
     Root Beer

Saw the movie RED  and it was really good. I enjoyed it.  I recommend it...2 thumbs up!

Okay so I am going to change my clothes and head to the gym to weigh in.  I will be back later to post the results!  Stay tuned!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lazy Saturday...

Recap of Saturday Oct 16.

I was extremely exhausted Saturday morning I did not get out of bed until 11am.  My legs were sore from the leg presses, and the soles of my feet hurt from standing so long.  I did not work out, so I don't have much to report.  Ran around did my errands and grocery shopping and that was all I did on Saturday.

So here is the eats for the day:
     Breakfast (eaten @ like 12:30p)
          Foot Long Spicy Italian Sandwich from Subway
          Bag of Cool Ranch Doritos
          20 oz Dr. Pepper

          20 ounce bottle of Pepsi

          Atkins Vanilla Protein Shake

And that was it.  Kinda boring I know, but I guess its better than me overeating!  Talk to you later!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Feeling Like a Champ..Friday Recap

Today was a good day. A  long, tiring day, but a good day. 

Morning Workout:  Got to the gym @ 2:45am that is a new kinda early for me!
     30 Min Treadmill - track/flat course (3min walk/2min jog intervals) 334 calories burned
     Lat Pull Down - 80lbs 4 sets of 12
     Low Row - 60lbs 4 sets of 12
     Leg Press - 180lbs + bar 3 sets of 12
     **As I type this I am hearing eye of the tiger in the air.  Do you hear it too?  LOL!  I was feeling kinda wonderful and powerful after this workout. 

After Workout Eats
     1 cup cottage cheese
     Lots of water

Breakfast about 9am
    Pumpkin Spice Latte

     Ribs :0)  It's protein, don't hate!

Dinner:  I really didn't have a dinner.  I went to Crenshaw High School football game and worked the concession stand..  I ate 1 hot link, 1 can of pepsi and lots of water.
No calorie total for the day.  But all in all, I don't think its a bad eating day do you?  My feet are killing me from standing so long.  I need more supportive tennis shoes.

Night Night.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thursday Recap

Hola!  I did not get a chance to post on Thursday so here is the recap.  I woke up on Thursday feeling like a new person!  I was not congesteg, I had energy and my appetite came back (that was not agood thing)! 

I started the morning off with a quick non-strenous excercise to jolt my system back into reality!

AM Workout
     22 mins Treadmill - Aerobic 1 Setting 267.2 calories burned

     Omelette (eggs, cheese, ham, spinach & Mushroom)
     1 slice of whole wheat toast
     Pumpkin Spice Latte

     Taco Bell:  Steak Quesadilla & 3 tacos, w/ a Pepsi

     Vanilla Ice Cream

     2 slices of Pepperoni pizza & Sprite

So as you can see, I think I was doing better with my eating when I was sick!  Well it's time to go hard.  Monday is weigh-in day!  Talk to ya later!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finally feeling a bit better....

Well today is the first day I started to feel some relief.  Someone suggested I tried claritin and I did.  I bought some and it worked wonders!  I am finally able to breathe!

     2 Sausage burritos from McDonalds

All other meals:  Veggie Soup
Snack:  Chile Lemon Chips

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Still fighting a bug....

Yeah.  An early post tonight cause I think I will be hitting the sack soon.  I am still still fighting whatever bug it is I picked up.  I was doing better today until about 6pm.  It started to cool down and I got congested all over again.  So I started running the hot water in the shower.  I sat in the enclosed bathroom with the steam to help me breathe.  It worked wonders while I was in there, but now that I have left, I am all stuffy again! 
I think I will have to invest in a humidifier or a vaporizer.  I need to research both and see which I really need.  I am having a hard time breathing with this congestion. 

Well I did not make it to the gym today again!  But here is my eats for hte day. 

     Pumpkin Spice Latte
     Apple Turnover

Everyother meal:  My Homeade Veggie soup.

I made another pot of veggie soup today.  I like experimenting everytime I make a new batch of soup.  So here is what I put in this batch of soup.

2 cans of diced tomatos
1 Can of tomato sauce
3 cloves of garlic (minced)
1 head of cabbage (diced)
1 bunch of celery
2 bunches of green onions
3 handfulls of bean sprouts
3 Green Peppers
2 bunches of Cilantro
Lemon Juice to taste
Lemon Pepper Seasoning
Black Pepper
Chile powder

The thing I love with this soup is that every time I can flavor it differently and add any kind of veggies I find.  Most times, I include broccoli, spinach, carrots, corn, cauliflower...pretty much whatever you are feeling like at the moment.  Sometimes instead of making it a tomato based soup, I make with with Liption Onion soup base.  The possibilities are basically endless with homemade soup.  The soup is helping my system detox and its giving me a good cleansing.  I love having the feeling that my intenstines are empty.  It cleans you out so well that you really feel empty on the inside!  Oh well that is all I have for tonight.

Good Night


Nursing a cold/flu/something....

Greetings Earthlings...

Man O Man.  I don't know what I have, but my sinuses and my throat is just jacked up!  This is a late post for me.  But this is my recap of Monday Oct 11.

Food for the day
    Home made Veggie Soup
    Brown Rice
    Tazo Tea w/ Honey
    Pumpkin Bread
    1 small bag of Doritos Cool Ranch
    Spicy Italian Sub from Subway

I am going to try to sneak out to the gym in the morning.  Hopefully my sinuses hold up.  Right now I am feeling a tightness in my chest, so I just hope my body holds up period.  Maybe I can sweat out whatever is ailing me.

See ya on the flip side!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Walk it Off: Burn 1,300 Calories Walking

Ah Ah!  Gotta love these kinds of articles!  Anything to help burn more calories is always a good read!


Weekend Recap...

Sorry folks, I didn't have the time to write about my weekend eats.  It as okay.  Not great just okay.  I had a good weekend.  Caught up on my NCIS, CSI, and event watched new episodes of The Event.  The eventt is the most confusing show....but I think I am hooked!

Friday Eats
     Cup of Tea
     cranberry juice
     1/2 chicken wrap
      Side Salad Portion of Chinese chicken salad

Saturday (fasting day)
     Cup tea
     Cup of my homemade veggie soup

     Ice Cream
     10 lemon pepper wings from wingstop (it gave me heartburn)
     Ice tea
     french fries
So that is it.  Today is a holiday I am so happy!  I am gonna hit the gym later this afternoon and then I have to head over to the Arthritis Foundation this evening.  That is the agenda for the day.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The life of a food grazer....

Here is a recap fo Thursdays Food eatings.  I grazed all day.  The only real meal I had was breakfast.  So I am just going to list out all my eats for the day.

     Sausage & Egg Biscuit from McDonalds
     Medium Orange Juice

The Grazings
     Almonds (a total of 5 servings, eaten throughout the day)
     2 tacos
     Bowl of my homemade soup.

All in all, not a good food day!  No workout either.


Food Combining

Last night I made a small batch of vegetable soup.  I ate some of it last night.  This morning my stomach is just in a state of turmoil!  It's making noises, I have really bad gas, and got the runs and everything! 

I know my diet has been low on veggies, so it may be taking a while for my system to adjust.  My little mind of logical and analysis kicked in and I got to searching on the internet.   So I found this article about food combining.  Some foods eaten together causes us to have an upset stomach, or causes food to digest slower than needed. 

There was some helpful tips, so I am sharing the article.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hungry for More: How to Manage Post-workout Cravings

Wonderful article that actually helped me address an issue I was having.  I find I have a harder time controlling my appetite the days I work out, especiallly if it is a morning workout!  Good info.  Check it out!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another rainy & wet day...

The rain is still coming down in California.  I wish it would stop.  I miss being outside and taking walks.  But I must keep on moving so I have to make my way to the gym.   It has been cold since it has been raining.  And I really have little to no "winter" clothes.  So this morning I try to squeeze (literally) into a purple long sleeved blouse I have.  It was not a pretty picture.  I got to work sat down and looked down, and much to my surprise..I was a hot mess!  A serious hot mess!  See for yourself!

After-workout Breakfast
     Atkins Vanilla Protein Shake
     1 chicken Drumstick

At Work Breakfast
     White Chocolate latte

     2 Bananas

     Salad with Italian Dressing

     Atkins Banana Protein Shake
Total Calories for the day  1519

     30 minute on Treadmill Aerobic Conditioning Track (walk jog intervals) 368.6 calories burned.
     This felt alot easier than Tuesdays workout.  Good to know I was able to get back to the swing of things quickly.

Night all!


Time to start my engine....

Alrighty...last week was a bad eating week and an even worse workout week.  So this week it is time to start the engine again and get back to the basics! I felt asleep last night before updating my daily journal.  So here is what happened on Tuesday October 5th.

     slice of chocolate cake (LOL!)
     Apple cinnamon oatmeal w/ teaspoon of flaxseed

     Dole Classic Salad
     Italian Dressing

     Sour Cream & Onion Chips

     10 hot wings
     french fries
AM Excercise
     Lat Pull Down - 80lbs 4 sets of 12
     Low Row - 60lbs 4 sets of 12
     Back Extensions-10lbs 3 sets of 10
     Side Extensions-10lbs 3 sets of 10
     Treadmill - 15mins Gluteal Track.  1842.calories.
First workout out in about a week, it was really a struggle.  It was like my first day of excercise all over again.  I could barely do the lat pull downs, and waking for 15 minutes was a struggle.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Weigh In Day Results....

I guess miracles really do happen!  Down 6 pounds!  LOL!  Don't know how but okay, if the scale says so! 

Weight Lost Summary
     Starting Weight (7/28/10):  377
     Weigh in date (8/9/10):  361

     Weigh in date (8/25/10):  363
     Weigh in date (9/6/10): 355
     Weigh in date (9/20/10): 365
     Weigh in date (10/4/10):  359
Net weight loss to date:  18 pounds!!! 
Next weigh in 10/18/2010....where I hope reach or get below 350 pounds!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Future Fitness Challenge...

Okay I know I should not even be thinking about doing another Fitness Challenge since I have yet to complete my first challenge of walking from my apartment to Ocean Blvd.  But there is a Spinning Charity Event in February 2011.  Its 2 hours of spinning to benefit Ride 2 Recovery.  I definately want to do it!

I heart spinning and It would be something for me to strive towards.  I still struggle spinning for an hour!  So this will be my first challenge to complete in 2011.


The ending to the most Pathetic dieting week ever!!!!

Well the end of the week is here.  And I have officially been lazy all week and for most of this 2 week period!

Eats for the day:
     Nachos (homemade, keep it simple just cheese & chili)
     Hawaiin Punch
     1 chicken hot dog
     And as I type up this blog I am snacking on Salsa Verde Doritos & drinking a pepsi! 

Well tomorrow is a scheduled weigh in day and I will go weigh in.  I am not expecting much from the scales, but I am still going to get on it.  I believe in miracles!!! :0)  LOL!  I could somehow miraculously lost 2 pounds, ya never know! 


Saturday Recap....

Just a very quick post to keep myself accountable and to remind myself that I have a goal that I must continue to work towards.

My eats on Saturday were a bit strange!  Quanity wise, I did not eat much.  The stuff I ate had little to no nutritional value.

So hear is what I ate:
     Hot Dog
    Salsa Verde Doritos
    Slurpee (cherry & Coke Mix)
    Icee frozen pop
    3 tacos
    Steak Quesadilla

Saturday was kinda like a semi-depression day.  Why do you ask?  Well earlier this week I got paid.  And on the same day as my direct deposit I had some "unrecognized transactions" in my checking account.  So called Citibank to inform them.  So here it is Saturday October 2nd, and I went to the bank to get a money order to pay my rent.  And now I have $22 to my name until the 15th.  I have an SUV that is needs gas, bills that need to be paid.  I'd like to have food in the house.  But how does one do all that with $22?  Sigh.  It's one of my life's challenges.  I never seem to have enough money to go around.

The Lesson of Trusting in God has been an ongoing test.  One I have yet to pass.  It's a struggle for me..but i guess in every situation and every trial there is an opportunity for me to choose to trust or worry.  Trust or Worry, trust or worry.  For some odd reason I always go to worry!  How or when will my mind click over to just automatically trusting? 
Friday, October 1, 2010

Thursday Recap...

Man these days are flying by so quickly...I can't keep up!
Well this morning I had my first workout of the week.  I didn't do much, but I needed to get something in. So I started off my Thursday morning with a visit to 24 Hour Fitness

AM Workout
     25 minute Treadmill - on the Gluteal track 300.8 calories burned
     Did walk/jog intervals...nearly killed me! 
After workout eats
     Atkins Protein Shake

     1/2 of grilled chicken sandwich (leftover from Wednesday)

     1 chicken taco
     1 steak taco
     rice & Beans

     Deli Trio sandwich
     French Fries

As you can see not a good food day!  I am eating out of my stress and frustrations!  I hope things get back to normal soon!