Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Detox Day #2

Well I have made it to day 2.  I am amazed how excited I am about juicing again.  My last juice detox was in December 2012.  So today I made the same juice and had it for Breakfast & for lunch.  This one does not have a name, I did not make it from a recipe, I just picked out some veggies and hoped for the best.

Today's Juice:
2 apples (Fuji)

1/2 bunch of Spinach
Handful of Parsley
1 inch of Ginger
1/2 lemon
4 stalks of celery
1 Large Collard Green Leaf

This made just a tad bit more than 16 ounces of juice.  Also a yummie juice.  I loved it! 

Today some friends and I attempted to get onto Price is Right.  We didn't get in, we ran a tad bit late.  But while we were on our way to the CBS studios we decided to get silly and pose at a waterfall! LOL!  Here is my picture.  The whole time all I could think, was please don't fall back into the water! 
Okay today's physical activity is the walk from the Grove Parking lot to the CBS studio.  It was about 1.76 miles.

Water:  Didn't do so well.  Only one liter.

Now its time to prep my veggies for tomorrow and get to bed. 
Monday, April 22, 2013

Detox Day #1...Gone Awry

Hey there!  Well Detox Day #1 is almost to an end.  Things did not go 100% according to plan.  But at least I have finally started my detoxing.  I made 2 juices today, the Mean Green Juice and a Green Lemonade Recipe that I modified to my purpose! LOL! 

So the first drink of the day made a nice big 20 ounce cup of juice.  Perfect for starting the morning.  The Mean Green Juice as featured in the DVD Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.  In all honesty, this is the first time in almost 2 years of juicing I have actually made the juice!  It is excellent! 


6 stalks of Kale
4 Stalks of celery
1 cucumber (my cucumber was not organic so I peeled it before juicing)
2 Green apples
1/2 lemon
1 inch of Ginger

I was truly amazed on how good the juice was!  I was missing out on a great green juice all these years! 
My second juice of the Day is my Modified version of Green Lemonade
3 leaves of Red Leaf Lettuce
1 stalk of celery
1/2 lemon
handful of parsley
1 apple
This made about 6 ounces of juice, also very yummy, and my first time juciing parsley!  I forgot to take a picture so please forgive me. 
Can you believe after I finished my Mean Green Juice and got to work, I had the audacity, to still walk my greedy butt into Coffee Bean and get a Latte & a croissant?  Bad choice!  I have decided that while on this detox..cash and debit cards are staying at home.  I can not face the temptation of Coffee Bean on daily basis! 
Lunch went according to plan, ate my salad.  Had some zuchinni, and corn and some home made pico de gallo.  So all I have to do tonight is drink a cup of my Yogi Detox tea and its a wrap. 
Excercise:  54 minutes walking at a very leisurely pace
Water:  1.5 Liter
Sunday, April 21, 2013

Long Ride #2

This past Saturday went out for another long bike ride.  And by long...I really mean long.  It felt long, it was painful, my butt hurts...still hurts and I need rest!  I am getting closer to that 36 miles as July 14th quickly approaches.

So how long was this bike ride you make ask?  27.2 miles! 

The funny thing about this ride is that I truly did not set out to do so many miles.  I left the house with the intention of doing maybe 10 - 12 miles.  I set off to ride with the only goal of trying to figure out how to get around the Marina.  By George, I got around the Marina and my excitement got hte best of me, I kept riding.  Got all the way up into Santa Monica.  The ride up was a pleasure, but I can not say the same for the ride back.  I can honestly say, it is time to get a new seat!  

That is all I have for you.  See you next week.  I start a 7-day detox starting tomorrow.  So stay tuned!  Dueces!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Contemplation of the MInd

Last night it hit me that I had signed up for 7-day detox with the wonderful folks for Fitlife.tv, which is Drew Canole's company.  When this came to my mind, I started thinking, I have to prepare! I have to go shopping, I have to plan!   Sadly, when I have all this intense planning to do, I do it at work! LOL!  So this morning has been very unproductive work-wise, but very productive on a personal level.   7-day Juice Detox, it has been a while since I went 7 straight days on a detox, so there is a bit of nervousness in me.  But it is something that I must do.  I know I need it.

The first thing I did this morning is search through the sale ads to see what produce items were on sales.  Based on what is on sale, I will decide what I will juice for the week.  This is how I juice on a budget.  Much to my surprise, there are lots of goodies that I will need and use for this detox that are on sale!  Carrots 3 lbs for $1, Celery 2 for $1, Apples 2lbs for $1, grapefruit 3 for $1, strawberries 88 cents, Spinach 2 for $1!  I could go on, but you get the point.  So right now I think the only thing I will have to pay full price for are my beets, fennel and Kale.  I am excited and once I get to shopping this weekend, I will be set for my 7-day journey.

Last night I ventured out to a short neighborhood hike/walk.  I feel weird calling it a hike, after comparing it to Temescal, Fryman and Sycamore Canyon this was a walk in the park.  Well not a walk in the park, it was still a challenge, but bit as physically taxing or as long as the other hikes.  The elevation climb was about 400 feet and had beautiful views over the city.  I was so grateful, it was a clear day.  I was upset that I did not have my camera!  This place is fairly close to home, so I have no excuse to get out there more!   I even saw a cute little bunny rabbit along the trail!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sycamore Canyon...Huh?

Well I am not sure what I was thinking but believe it or not, I did another darn hike!  That makes 2 for the month of April, and my 3 hike all together.  This one was at Sycamore Canyon in Malibu, CA! 

I know I swore off hikes after Temescal Canyon last year, but I ventured out to Fryman Canyon, and now Sycamore Canyon.  So let me rank these for ya...Temescal Canyon was the hardest, then Sycamore Canyon, then Fryman.  That being said, I felt like I was really gonna die up there on that mountain.  Help me understand the logic in having stairs on the mountain on the climb up?  Like climbing up 800 ft of elevation ain't hard enough!  I could not wait til the downhill!  Then the hike became a piece of cake.  I have come to the conclusion I need a hike that is downhill...both ways! 

The weather was not good.  It was windy, cold and drizzling the whole morning.  There was a thick Marine Layer too that took away all the lovely views of the city and the ocean.  I did get a few pictures, but nothing too stunning.  I am sure I could have gotten more stunning pictures on a clear summer day.    So here is the picture to the photo album: https://plus.google.com/photos/103845743747978049274/albums/5866553584030653937?authkey=CL26jMWXtciKpQE

That's all for me today!  Dueces!
Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hollywood 5K/10K Completed

I am way behind on updating this blog!  I just have not had the down time to sit and update so today I am finally getting to update you with the results from the Hollywood 5K.

I am not overly excited with my final time, but what, I got it done.  I injured myself in mile one so it was a wrap for me after that.  I was in pain for most of the race.  None the less, I had a great time at the race, and it is definitely a race I would repeat next year!

So here are the official results:

163      Clarke,Kyra     4586    Clock Time  1:07:02.2         Chip Time 50:45.6            Pace:  16:22

So my goal of 45 minutes or less has not been reached, so I gotta sign up for another 5K!  Darn! LOL!

 And the link to the few pictures caught of me along the route...


Friday, April 5, 2013

Ish Just Got Real! ... but I am excited!

Well it's official!...I am really getting ready for the Hollywood Marathon...the 5K race at the Hollywood Marathon!  Yesterday was packet picket up!   I love the shirt for this race!  It's so cute and I will definitely be sporting it when I go walk and jog on my own time!  Even though I don't feel prepared in any way shape or form for this race, I am kinda excited to do it.  We start at 6am...which is hella early, but I prefer that!

I am bib number 4586!  The "So-Called" Expo was rather boring...but we took a picture with the fake Johnny Depp!

After the long drive to Hollywood we went for dinner!  It was good food, but as you can imagine, I ate way way way way way way way too much! I even have left overs.  I ate so much bread, had pasta, soup, and tiramisu!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Fish Swimming in Many Ponds!

That is what I am feeling like right now!  I hate to say it, but I have committed myself to so many things!

  • In January I had committed to finishing 1013 miles before the end of 2013
  • Beginning April 1 (yesterday) I joined A Mile A Day challenge for the month of April  
    • Out of my ambition I ended up completing 5 miles on my first day of the challenge.  You may think this is a good thing, which in some sense it is.  But I have not covered this much ground in a while.  My hamstrings are tight, I am tired, I am hungry....and to think I gotta get my tale back out there today to put some miles in.  Eh?  Probably unlikely!
  • I have a 5K this weekend.  Normally this is a non-event for me.  But I have been sick for 3 weeks And my first attempt at getting back to exercising was my Fryman Canyon hike on Saturday. My other dilemma...One of my undertakings for this year was to finally finish a durn 5K in under 45 minutes!  Will this be the race?  Lord, I sure hope so! 
  • The girl who swore off hiking in August 2012; Did a hike last weekend, and has signed up for another hike in April.  Seriously, I am beginning to think I am not in my right mind when I agree to these things!

And this is just a few of the ponds...I'm swimming around like a fish without a head! LOL!  This is just the physically activity part of my life.   Let's not get started on the issues at work here in the middle of tax season!  Home life...a whole other issue.  But this Fish is determined to swim her way to victory.