Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Back in May I ordered a Groupon for some Sauna sessions at a place in Redondo Beach called Persauna.  Since I had time today, I decided to make my first appointment and dabble in something new! 

Yes something new...I have never been in a Sauna in my life!  The thing that appealed to me about Persuana was I had my own individual sauna.  I did not have to share with anyone!  I got to the location for my 1:30p appointment.  The guy helping me, was Patrick.  He explained to me what the benefits of the infrared saunas were and showed me how to change the settings, etc.  So I am in my own little room, it had a tv, a chair, water, tissue, and more importantly the sauna!  Patrick left, I closed the door to the room, and I was off my own personal Sauna box! 

I could see the tv from inside the sauna box, and somehow they managed to have speakers in the sauna so I could hear the TV.  the remote was inside the sauna with me, I could change the channel and everything! LOL!  I took in my Ipod, a book and a water bottle.  Luckily for me, CSI was playing so that kept my attention for 40 minutes.  Didn't need my Ipod or book! 

A few minutes into it, the sweat started dripping and it was hot.  Patrick started me off at 140 degrees since it was my first experience.  Normally he says, the temp is 150.  Surprisingly, I was able to tolerate the heat, I did not leave the box at all...made it through the whole 40 minutes!

I tried taking some pics and here I share them with you.  But I love this place.  Thanks to my Groupon, I have 2 more sessions, and I think that I want to make this a regular thing!  I felt really relaxed after getting done.

Check them out...Persauna in Redondo Beach.  Website:

Inside of my sauna

Trying to capture the sweat.

The sauna..outside view

Temperature controls..heating up to 140degrees
Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Non-Scale Victory: From 3x to 1x

Very rarely do I ever take the time to notice the changes that happen on this journey that are not "weight related" So today, I am going to do just that.

This weekend, I got a few clothing items from Macy's and I was uncertain whether to get a 2x or 1x.  So I said, I would live life on the edge and get the 1x!  I am happy to report that the 1x's fit!

I hate taking pictures...but here it is, my 1x top from Macy's!

Okay..I look a little lumpy in the mid section, I need to make sure all undershirts lay flat!
Saturday, September 8, 2012

Loving the beach!

nothing like spending these last weekends of summer on the water!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I thought it was time for an Update...

I have not made any updates in a while!  OOPS!  I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend!  I am kinda sad thinking about how summer is coming to an end.  I will my summer weather, so I am telling myself to make the most of it while I can.

Labor day I was able to get back out on my bike.  It was my first bike ride in about 6 weeks.  It was rather challenging!  I only rode about 6.5 miles, but I had such a hard time!  We did have unusually hot weather on Labor day so maybe that had something to do with my inability to ride longer.  I had a great time though.

Right before Labor Day I ventured off with Hailey to a new walk spot near the Getty Center.  It was a short walk, but its a hill.  A steady increasing hill. You all should know by now how I hate hills!  But I made it up there with a break!  I needed to stop, I felt like I would die.  Too my surprise, on my way down the hill, we ran into some deer!  I was shocked!  I would have never expected to see deer in L.A. like that!  One was very friendly and kept coming towards us!

I have a new meal creation...I am calling it the mushroom turkey burger.  I took 2 portabello mushroom caps, a turkey burger patty, cheese, mustard, tomato and voila..made a burger!  It was so tasty...messy to eat, but very very tasty!

Well I have to get back to work now, people are asking for things, but I thought I would just side-track myself from work for a moment.  TTYL!