2012 Undertakings

NO NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS.  What I have here is a list of items I would like to UNDERTAKE:

1. to take upon oneself, as a task, performance, etc.; attempt
2. to promise, agree, or obligate oneself (followed by an infinitive)
3. to warrant or guarantee (followed by a clause):
4. to take in charge; assume the duty of attending to

I have 366 days to complete!  Thank God 2012 is a leap year, I need that extra day to get it all done!

Q.  Are you ready to rumble? 
Q.  Are you ready to conquer? 
Q.  Are you ready for victory?   
A.  Hmmm...I'm not sure, but I'll certainly try!  Hey just being honest. 

  • Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Weigh less than 300 pounds (Reached 11/19/2012)
  • Get my calves into Bear Trap Emilse Boot
  • Get my calves into White Mountain Pinwheel Boot
  • Stop biting my fingernails and let my nails grow
  • Start hiking (Hike completed 8.8.2012 - Temescal Canyon)
  • Complete the Run Your Butt off Program
  • Start Running (started 7/11/2012)
  • Much Prayer...Prayer...and more Prayer (terrible...finally started June 2012)
  • Much reading (terrible...finally started June 2012)
  • Get a newer used vehicle
  • Take better care of my hair to allow it to grow (process started 3/22/2012)
  • Implement Walk with Ease Program   Start Walk Program w/ BGR - Los Angeles (7/23/12)
  • Work with Mireya & Isela on writing a grant proposal   Removed 3/23/2012
  • Stop the negative self talk
  • Long Beach 1/2 Marathon in October 2012?????  Maybe?  Just a thought!


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