Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Scale Whisperer...

Finally posting a weigh in for 2013

This morning the scale said...261.0
Not much movement on the scale from last week.  No big surprise, I only worked out twice last week, and I have been eating out alot, and well...STRESS!  Which always has a negative effect on the body! 

So the target weight for 2013 is to get to 180 lbs!    So 81 more pounds to go!

Excitement is in the air...

February is almost to an end!  Can you believe it?  I can...and it excites me!  That means spring is right around the corner!  Everytime I think about it, I just get all giddy in the inside. 

Today, I ordered an Amazon Deal for 2hour Kayaking!  I have never been Kayaking, but I want to try it!  Ya know me and my obsession with the water!  It has been a while since I did back to back days of running.  But I ran yesterday and today.  And I feel it all in my legs!  Reminds me, that i need to stock back up on my protein shakes.  My muscles will need it!  I wanted to go do some training tonight, but I think I will hold off.  Give my body some time to adjust, and since I am moving around stuff in my apartment...I am lifting and pushing things, so that will count as my weight lifting unofficially!  I will get some ab work in tonight.

I was talking to one of the other BGR girls today while I was running and she gave me some tips on training for my bike ride!  So I am excited yet again, that spring is right around the corner!  So much I want to do!  I had an eye doctor appointment today, and I had my discussion with him today about biking riding and my glasses, and my swimming lessons and contacts and well, He was not on the same page as me.  I so want to have Lasik surgery, and now 2 years in a row, I have gotten.  I can't have it yet.  He also tells me its best that I wear my glasses when I bike ride!  Really?  That is so not what I wanted to hear!  Sigh!  Well me being the stubborn, set in her ways type of person...I will be wearing my contacts when I ride! 

Oh and I will be updating the weigh in page, I just realized I have not done that all year so far.  oops! 
Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quick Update...

Hello!  Some days life just does not allow me to sit down behind this computer and update you on this journey! 

Fret not I am still in the game!  Still juicing, working out when I can, and working on better eating habits!  I am struggling with the workouts!  Things have been crazy crazy crazy busy at work.  I have been stuck with some 12-13 hour work days.  But the time I leave to go home, I don't have much energy for working out!  So right now the level of workouts have decreased, so I have to stay on point with my eating. 

THe juicing is still coming along!  I love juicing!  I am thinking about investing in a new juicer, but I am not sure which one to get.  I am also venturing into one of those delivery services for my produce items.  I can get a box of produce for $40 a month, all locally grown here in California and its organic.  I'll give it a shot and see how it works out. 

I tried a new class at the gym this week...It was called Crunch.  Its a new offering and well it was a bit unorganized.  But a good workout!  My quads & triceps are so sore!  Well that is all I have for now.  I promise to do better about the updates! 
Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's Official...I am Registered!

Just a quick post!  One of my goals for 2013 was to complete in the Beach Babe bicycling Race! I am officially registered!   Hooray!

I am part of a team, we call ourselves Shocks & Giggles.  It's gonna be so fun!  I am shooting to complete the 32 miles!  The event is July 14th