Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back at the Start Line...

Well after my long term hiatus, I made a commitment to myself to start new today.  It was time to get back to healthy eating and getting active.  So how did I do on day one?  Fasten your seat belt...it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

  • Sausage Egg McMuffin
  • Hasbrowns
  • Orange Juice
  • Home Made Salad (lettuce, spinach, cherry tomatoes, chicken, balsamic Vinagriette)
Dinner & Everything Else eaten after lunch
  • 20 ounce bottle of Coke
  • Can of Dr. Pepper
  • Sour Cream & Onion Chips (I tried to resist)
  • Ritz crackers
  • Chicken Flavored Ramen Noodles
  • 2 pc chicken from Popeyes
  • Small bag of Peanut M&Ms
So as you can see, Day 1 was a swing n' a miss, but I tried!  Not to worry it can only get better from here. 

I decided today as I try to make my transition into all natural/organic foods that I will add a category to my blog for Product Reviews & Recommendations.  So check for it in the future.
Monday, May 30, 2011

Feeling Full with Fewer Calories

Another food eating tip article...Gotta love these!

Feeling Full with Fewer Calories
Feeling full and satisfied after eating a meal is important but is often difficult when pursuing a low calorie diet in an attempt to lose weight. One option is to pick foods that have a low energy density. These are foods that are low in calories, so you can eat larger quantities to help you feel full after a meal.
One of the best places to start your search for low energy density foods to add to your diet is the produce section of any good grocery store in the Beverly Hills area. Many veggies are low in energy density, so you can eat a satisfying portion without going over your calorie allotment. For instance, a cup of grapes has about 100 calories, which makes for a satisfying and healthful snack. Some other low energy density foods include:
  • Fresh or frozen fruit. Apples, mangoes, blueberries and other fruits have high water content, so they are low in calories. Avoid dried fruit and canned fruits that are packed in heavy syrup. Because dried fruit is so dense, it packs a lot of calories per serving, which can have a negative impact on your weight loss plan.
  • Vegetables. Raw veggies are great in a salad dressed with lime juice or balsamic vinegar. Try them grilled or roasted for a flavorful change of pace. Be careful when adding sauces. Many are high in fat, which increases the calorie count significantly.
  • Whole grains. Because of their high fiber content, whole grains help you feel satisfied for longer with lower quantities.
  • Lean proteins. Foods like skinless chicken breasts, fish, and legumes such as lentils are filling without adding too much fat. Add flavor with other low fat and low calorie options such as salsa or hot sauce.
Thursday, May 26, 2011

7 Fast-Food Meals Under 350 Calories

Just when I thought it was not possible...healthy & low calories fast food...There is a God!

Have to keep some of these suggestions in mind, for when I am on the run! 


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Greetings! My Long Lost Friend!

Ahh....Destination Fitness!  Such a long time since I spent anytime with ya!  I have missed you so! 

The Poly Vegas (PV) has prodded me back into blogging!  I must return, KC go home!  KC go home!  Ha Ha, I had to throw in an ET movie quote!

Well I have been on Hiatus now for almost 3 months!  Golly how time filies.  I never intended to be away this long!  But I must come home, and return to the things I know I should be doing.  I am without excuse.  So thanks PV for the reminder and encouragement to get back to my blogging. 

So here is a quick recap of what happened since March 6th...LOL!
Month of March:  Ummm I don't remember!  But I do know I went to Vegas for a few days for my sisters birthday!  Oh and of course I ate all kinds of wonderful foods that I should not have eaten for the entire month!

Month of April:  Hmmm...April...EASTER!  I went to an Easter BBQ.  The food was off the hizzy!  You should have been there!  Oh and I went to my friends wedding...it was oh so beautiful!  I took pics, of myself of course!  I gotta keep up with my Photo journal!   Oh OH OH, and I also officially got CPR certified in April!  Cool stuff!  I can now save you if you are choking, or drowning, this is all contigent on the fact that I like you and want to spare your life!  LOL!  Michael JR....he's a comedian.  Hilarious guy!  He had a show in Hermosa Beach the end of April.  It was a great night, went with my friends, Rahisha & Kim.  We had a good time...and man that boy is funny!

Month of May: May 2011 is going down in my book, as the fastest moving month ever!  Why?  I found an apartment with the quickness and had to move into it, even faster!   Move Day May 21st:  Packing Time May 9th - May 20th!  But its all good!  I love the new place.  Cinco De Mayo, was rather uneventful this year.  Sigh, I cant even remember if I ate Mexican Food that day or not.  Shucks! 

Month of June(a Sneak Peak):  June 2011 is the month of the new!   Time for new diet plan, new exercise plans, and of course new opportunities!  June 26th is my Walk Leader Training with the Arthritis Foundation!  I am gonna lead walks!  So I must get my tail into the gym and build up some stamina before the 26th!  New place!  Ahhh.....I love new stuff and I love the new stuff smell!  :0) 

Well that's all I got, not to worry, I will not wait for June to get here for me to get physically active.  The rain has stopped here in L.A. so I will be back to hitting the streets, and trying out the gyms in my new location.  Time to get moving!