Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rough Day...

The title sums it up.  It was rough day.  I woke up feeling like I was hit by a bus.  Even though I slept enough hours, I just woke up feeling I was beat up during hte night.  I don't know why.  Then at about 11am, I had a massive headache, that did not go away until about 4pm.  I had the worst and longest bus ride home!  I dreaded going to work, and I despised being there today!   

I'll chalk this up to the Tuesday Blues, but I was so not in the mood for much today.  So no physical activity took place today.  I might try to hit hte gym later tonight, but let's be real, I came home from bible study and put on my pajamas. So the likelihood of me, changing clothes again, to go workout is very slim, but its nice that I had the thought! 

Something has been bugging me all day, and since this is my sounding board, I am just gonna put it out there.  I question myself alot about the things I do, and why I am not able to do certain things.  I was on the bus this morning reading the stage 3 materials of the Run Your Butt Off Book, and I hear, why don't you apply this same discipline to prayer?  C O N V I C T I O N is a ....  But seriously, why is it that its so easy for me to open up that Run Your Butt Off Book this morning, but didn't pick up my bible to read it?  The whole day has gone by and I did not spend 2 seconds reading the bible! 

Why is it I can force to my self to go walk or excercise, but I don't force myself to read the bible.  And I certainly don't force myself to pray.  Why?  Why?  What does that say about my so called love for God?  What does that say about my so called relationship with God?  Why is it easier for me to sit and this computer and blog about my eating and excercising and I can't spend any time with God.  The One who I say is my friend, my creator, Father...and more deeply, the God that loves me more that I could ever imagine?  Why o Why do I neglect God?  I wish I knew why.  I wish the perceived discpline I have to attempt to lose weight would transfer into my spiritual life...my prayer life...my relationship with God. 

I am seriously bothered by this.  I didn't feel right at all today.  I really didn't.  Do you remember when you were in High School and after graduation everyone promised they would keep in touch, and you did for a while but then after a while there was no more contact with the High School buddies?  I feel like that right now about my walk God.  I always promise that I wil pray that I will read my bible, and that usually lasts for a few days...yes seriously...just a few days, and then I am gone off to other things for months and then I hit a brick wall and realize wow, I left God again!

I really am glad He said, He would never leave me or forsake me!  What's sad and very hurtful to admit, is that I am the one always leaving Him.  I am the one that continually forsakes Him.  I have again abandoned Him.  He has never left me, He really hasn't.  I can't ever say that He has..He has never left me.  Why do I leave?   Why do I continue to be lured away and driven by my desires?  

Tonight at bible study we had a breif lesson on the Beatitudes, and the scripture, Blessed are they that hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled.
Hunger & Thirst for righteousness....hmm.  I can hunger and thirst for food and soda really well.  I excel at that, but again I ask, where is my hunger & thirst for the things God? 

The prodigal child must return home to her Father. 
Monday, January 30, 2012

Walking: Excercise & Mode of Transportation!

Well gang, I have a few minutes while dinner is in the oven.  So before I get to eating and ironing, and cleaning up, I said, lets hit the blog!

Today did not start off so good.  My car was not working. The gear shift is stuck again.  I started yesterday with this again.  Sunday night I had already made up my mind if the car did not work this morning, I would just walk to the bus stop and catch the bus into work.  So low and behold...4:30am I am in the car, started it, and it would not come out of park. So off I went to the bus stop.  So we all know when life gives you lemons to make lemonade, well when your car gives you non-operation you make it excercise! 

The trip from my house to the bus stop is about a mile and a half.  Not a bad walk, the weather was decent and like I said...why pass up the opportunity to get some cardio in! 

So I'll start the day off with my walking workout

     Cup of coffee

Mid AM Snack

     Salad (spring mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, chicken, cilantro & pico de gallo)

Mid Afternoon Snack
     Sunflower seeds (I should not be eating these)

     CHicken Breast
     Sauteed Spinach

Well that is all, dinner should be ready in a few.  Not much planned or the night, other than ironing and washing my hair!  Talk to you later!

The Scale Whisperer...

Here we go..it's Monday! 

Weekly weight loss....4 pounds!  Hooray!

1/30/2012 317.4
1/23/2012 321.4
1/10/2012 332.4
10/10/2011 319.0
10/3/2011: 326.6
9/27/2011: 326.7
9/19/2011: 325.6
9/12/2011: 329.9
9/5/2011: Skipped (out of town)
8/29/2011: 333.3 (Can you see my jaw on the floor?)
8/22/2011: 328.8
8/15/2011: 331.8
8/8/2011: 336.7
7/25/2011: 337.7
7/18/2011: 343.0
7/11/2011: 342.2
7/5/2011: 349.8
6/27/2011: 352.8
6/20/2011: 363.5
6/13/2011: 368.7
6/8/2011: 371
Weekly Weight Loss: 4.0 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 53.6 lbs

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Recap

Weekend blogging is become a hard thing to do, but I decided to multi-task and blog during the commercials of The Good Wife.  The show is getting so good!

The weekend was pretty good.  I had some splurges on Saturday..popcorn, soda, candy!  I went to the movies and treated myself.  Then Sunday it was Wendys!  So not a good eating weekend.  I am happy to report I did stay active over the weekend.  I lifted weights, did the RYBO program, and even went to spin class!  Surprising eh?  I was so surprised with myself. 

The Cali weather was wonderful, I got to spend some time at the beach!  That made me extremely happy.  The water so calming so relaxing, I love it.  That is all for now.  I am scared to weigh tomorrow after all the junk I ate...but I must! 

See you tomorrow!

Run Your Butt Off (RYBO) Stage 2 - Workout 3

So here were are @ my 3rd workout of Stage 2.

Just as a recap..stage 2 Calls for 4 minutes of walking with 1 minute of jogging.

I completed this 3rd workout on Saturday here are the stats:

Treadmill set to 1.5 incline, Walked at 3.4mph; Jogged at 4.2mph

Completed 1.81 miles
average heart rate 155
Calories burned:  355

I struggle a little with this routine.  I did it first thing in the morning.  I had no food in me, and I made the mistake of lifting weights before doing the walk/jog intervals.  So another lesson learned no weight lifting before running!
Thursday, January 26, 2012

Run Your Butt Off (RYBO) Stage 2 - Workout 2

Stage 2 workout:
  • Walk for 4 minutes; run for 1 minute (repeat 5 times)
  • End with 4 minutes of walking
  • Total Workout Time: 29 minutes; 5 of which are running

    Stage 2 - Workout 2 January 25, 2012
    Treadmill Set to Manual w/ 1.5 incline - did 30 minutes; added an extra minute to the last 4 minutes

    Treadmill Statistics:
         Average Heart Rate: 149
         Distance: 1.78 miles
         Calories:  349
    For my 2nd workout this seemed alot easier than my first one last week.  I was able to maintain my run portions at 4.2 and walked faster.  I walked between 3.2 - 3.5; and I really felt okay.  I almost wanted to do more!  The only issue I had with this workout is that I had on the wrong shoes!  I had one some Nike CrossTraining shoes instead of my normal Brooks running shoes.  The first 10 minutes of the workout was torture, I was having serious shin splints!  But the went away after a while.  Note to Self:  Make sure I have the right shoes!  Geesh! 

    Hump day from the Rear View Mirror!

    I am just over here cracking up over my post title.  Hump day from the rear view mirror.  So in other words, this is a look back at yesterday, Wednesday January 25th!.


    Mid AM Snack

         Salad (iceberg lettuce, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, chicken) lemon juice for dressing

    Mid Afternoon munchies (and I had hte munchies badly)
         snack size crunch bar

         2 pieces of chicken
         2 tomatoes

         I weaseled myself out of spinning again!  But I did my next Run Your Butt Off Workout.
         30 minutes Cardio (walk/jog)

    That's all folks!
    Wednesday, January 25, 2012

    Slipped Away Again...

    It's already Wednesday and I have posted nothing nice Monday!  Oops!

    Well Sunday started PMS week, so the events of the week have been pretty uneventful.  Monday afterwork I got home.  Laid down on my heating pad in hopes to bring some relief to my ever so painful back pain.  I don't know what it is but, my back pain during my time of hte month is worse than the actual cramps! 

    I got no physical activity in on Monday or Tuesday, But I will be going to the gym today.  The weather is nice again here in California, so I think its time for some outdoor walking and events!   It should be nice this weekend also so I think a venture to the beach would be in order!

    My Nordstrom Denim skirt came on Friday!  The skirt actually fits..I am truly shocked.  But I have to overcome my own perceived self image.  Even though the skirt fits, I don't like how it looks on me.  So the skirt is on a hangar, awaiting my final decision, shall I keep it, or should I return it?  I will have to take a picture and post it.  Sigh. 

    I am thinking about taking water aerobics!  I told myself last year that at some point I wanted to build up the nerve to try it.  There is a community offered class at West L.A. College, that I may just venture out and try.  There is a class starting late February and another starting in April.  Not sure which I will enroll, but I think I am gonna give a go. 

    Sorry for the random ramblings on this post, but that is pretty much all that I have been up to this week.  Hopefully I can get back unto my daily postings like I should be!  Talk to you later.

    Monday, January 23, 2012

    Scale Whisperer...

    Time to get back to weekly Monday Weigh-ins, so here it is. 

    Today's Weigh In: 321.4!  Woo Hoo!  Got rid of the Christmas weight gain.  Holla! 

    The Sliding Scale:  Weigh In Records
    1/23/2012   321.4
    1/10/2012   332.4
    10/10/2011 319.0
    10/3/2011: 326.6
    9/27/2011: 326.7
    9/19/2011: 325.6
    9/12/2011: 329.9
    9/5/2011: Skipped (out of town)
    8/29/2011: 333.3 (Can you see my jaw on the floor?)
    8/22/2011: 328.8
    8/15/2011: 331.8
    8/8/2011: 336.7
    7/25/2011: 337.7
    7/18/2011: 343.0
    7/11/2011: 342.2
    7/5/2011: 349.8
    6/27/2011: 352.8
    6/20/2011: 363.5
    6/13/2011: 368.7
    6/8/2011: 371
    Weekly Weight Loss: 11.0 lbs
    Total Weight Loss: 49.6 lbs
    Friday, January 20, 2012

    Run Your Butt Off (RYBO): Stage 2 Workout 1

    I am back on task with my Run Your Butt Off Program. I think I did stage one back in December. Stage 1 consisted of walking for 30 minutes 3 days a week. On to Stage 2 I go:
    Stage 2 Workout
    • Walk for 4 minutes; Run for 1 minute (repeat 5 times)
    • End with 4 minutes of walking
    • Total Workout time: 29 minutes, 5 of which are running
    • Do this workout at least 3 or four times in week before moving to the next stage
    • ***Tip: Run slowly, Make your run no faster than your walk**
    Stage 2 Workout: Session 1 January 20, 2012
    Treadmill Set to Manual w/ 1.5 incline - did 30 minutes; added an extra minute to the last 4 minutes

    Treadmill Statistics:
         Average Heart Rate: 152
         Distance: 1.62 miles
    I did all he walking parts @ 3mph;  the running parts is did between 3.6 - 4.2mph
    The book says on this stage to run slowly.  Then it says how slow is slow? Here is how you tell, If you are running and thinking, when is this minute going to end?  YOU ARE RUNNING TO FAST!  Hilarious. I mentioned that because when I attempted to run at 4.2mph, I was thinking when is this minute gonna end, it was truly one of hte longest minutes of my life.  Now that I have varied my speeds on this first workout, I feel most comfortable running at 4mph.  I'll stick to that for now.

    The Deceptive Spinach...

    How Friday...Came and gone and I have nothing exciting to report. Work was unusually slow, which was good, I was sent home early! WoooHooo!


    Mid Am Snack:

    Salad (Spring Mix, Cucumebers, Tomatoes, cilantro)
    Lemon Juice for dressing

    Mid Afternoon Snack

    Sauted Spinach
    Chicken Breast
    So I am washing my spinach and I measure out 2 cups that I was gonna eat for dinner. I am all excited cause 2 cups of uncooked spinach looks like alot! So after I sauteed it down, its looks like nothing! I am always deceived by spinach, but yet I love it soo!

    30 minutes Treadmill (RYBO Stage 2 - workout 1)
    Walk/Jog intervals 4 min walk 1 min jog

    That is it. I have much to do tonight so, I am posting early and I'm off for my evening adventures! Dueces!

    Thursday Recap

    Howdy, Feel asleep last night before I update my events for the day.  Looking back on yesterday, I had an awesome day!  I have to get deep here for a minute, so as most Church Folks would say, Imma take a short Personal Praise Break! :0)

    Yesterday I had on my schedule to go to Spin Class & to walk/jog for 30 minutes.  Thursdays I love going to spin class because I really love the instructor.  I got home, was supposed to change and go spin, but that did not happen.  I honestly sat on the floor in the living room, and seriously got caught up songs/videos on Youtube!  I have many many playlists set up on Youtube, but yesterday some of those songs, just pierced me.  I was in tears, rejoicing and praising from the living room floor.  It is very very much out of my character be screaming, and stuff but I was there yesterday!  I even woke up this morning singing one of the songs from last night, so I must share.  I honestly don't know who really wrote or even sings the song, but I do remember first hearing it on Pandora, so here is the Youtube version, I love this song!

    Okay the praise break is over!  Now yesterday..a pretty decent eating day.

    Breakfast: Coffee

    Mid Am snack:  1/2 Grapefruit

    Lunch:  Mahi Mahi Filet w/ steamed spnach & the other 1/2 of my grapefruit

    Mid Afternoon Munchies:  Blueberries (they are so yummy & so addicting!)

    Dinner:  None...I was honestly not hungry! 

    Workout:  None
    Wednesday, January 18, 2012

    Wednesday Wrap-Up

    The day started off rather rocky.  I was knocked out, in a coma-like sleep!  I did not want to get up...I overslept! But made it in the nick of time to catch the bus to get to work.  Phew! So after the frantic morning, the day moved into tears, brokenness, and a deep desire for change, growth and repentance.  The perfectionist that I am hate making mistakes.  On Sunday I realized..or better yet...I had an epiphany...that I had made a grave mistake.  Today, the feelings of remorse continued, but the repentance came forth, then came understanding.  It was a mistake I had to make, so I not do it again.  It gave a whole new perspective and understanding to Galatians 1:10, "For do I persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men?  for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ."

    Okay I am done being deep! :0)  Now unto the good stuff.  I was sitting at work debating should I go to spin class or should I just go home.  I went back and forth for a while and I decided to go home.  I got home, and honestly just had a desire to walk my neighborhood.  I changed my clothes, grabbed by tennis shoes, Iphone, headphones and off I went. It felt great!  I spent just about an hour walking cover a little over 3 miles and had a fantastic time!  I made the right choice...it was a perfect time to walk!

         Yogi Berry Detox Tea
         Breakfast Burrito (oops, they had some left overs in the office)

    Mid AM Snack


    Mid Afternoon/Pre-walk Snack
         1 piece of chicken breast

         Steamed Mahi Mahi
         Steamed Spinach

         1 hour neighborhood walk; 3.25 miles completed
    Workout Map & Stats by Endomondo.com:

    Night Night don't let the bed bugs bite!
    Tuesday, January 17, 2012

    Tuesday Tattle Tales!!

    Okay just took a mental snapshot of a day...analyzing .... results...

    Overall a good day.  Small improvements along the way.  I want to say that I feel like I have lots of energy.  Not like Cheerleader energy, but I am not so sluggish and tired as I was.  I think the B-12 drops are helping! 

         Cup of Yogi Peach Detox Tea ( i love the stuff)
         2 eggs

    Mid AM Snack
         medium cup of coffee

         Salad (lettuce, spinach, chicken, tomato, cucumbers, lemon juice, dill & chia seeds)

         Salad (same as above)

    After dinner Snack:
         Granny Smith Apple

    Water Consumption: 130 ounces = lots of trips to the bathroom.

    Workout: Weight Training; Here is the routine completed 3 rounds:
         20 Ball Squats,
         15 Chest Press
         15 Arm Curls
        20 Lat Pull Downs
        15 Leg extensions
        15 Rope tricep Pull downs
         20 Step ups (10 on each leg)

    That's all folks...overall pretty durn decent
    Monday, January 16, 2012

    On the Road Again...

    I have made the first step...I am back on the road heading toward my destination!  Overall an okay day, especially for day #1.  Here is the eats then I will tell you about my struggles:

    Breakfast:  Coffee

    Mid AM Snack:  1 tomato & 1 Granny Smith Apple

    Lunch:  Salad (lettuce, chicken, tomato, cucumbers, lemon juice)

    Mid Afternoon Snack:  tomato & cucumbers, and blueberries

    Dinner:  Salad (same as above)

    I ate more blueberries today that I think I have eaten in all of 2010!  I just kept popping those blueberries to make myself full.   I did make it throught the day, SODA FREE!!! Woohoo!  I drank lots of water...120 ounces to be exact.  Need to flush my system.  Made a million trips to the bathroom!  But I made it through the day.

    Workout:  20 minute Neighborhood walk
    Sunday, January 15, 2012

    Somber Sunday...

    I don't know what it was about today, but I got up this morning not feeling "right".  Something was off, there was just a gloominess on me and I have no idea where it came from.  I like to blame gloominess on the weather, but I can honestly say today, it was not the weather.  Sadness just creeped in on me.  But I am happy to say the feeling went away. 

    Well today I was able to spend some "social" time with Amber & Alex.  It has been a while since we spent any time together.  I was absolutely starving after we got out of church, so our first outing was...EATING!  LOL!  It's terrible how eating has become a social event!  After we ate, we watched Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.  As always hanging out with girls, chatting, and just sharing life's experiences.  I try to be a big sister to them, but hanging out with them, helps me more than I even realize it at times.  It is great to see them grow and mature in all areas of their lives.  They are coming along so nicely, its amazing to see the hand of God work in their lives...2 young girls just willing to yield and willing to obey God.  They will go far in life!  Kinda makes me wish I could go back in time and do it all over again. 

    Now I am home, and I decided I would update the blog early, clean up and do my night time regime so I can be ready for The Good Wife and then to bed I go.    So here are the eats for today.


    Lunch:  Wingstop
         10 lemon Pepper wings

    Dinner:  Skipped
    **For some odd reason, I was miserably full after eating Wingstop.  I tell you I am still full off of them.  I borderline wish I never ate them, that is how bad I feel.

    Workout:  Mission Aborted
    Okay I flaked out on Spin this morning.  I was up all early and dressed and never left the house!  I suck!

    Talk to you tomorrow!
    Saturday, January 14, 2012

    Optimistically Shopping...

    I have been searching the internet high and low since starting my diet, for things I would love to wear as I continue to lose weight.  I openly admit, that I have a long list of items, and website links of items I want to buy.  Well on Friday, I made a big leap and bought one of them.

    I am borderline cheap.  I have been waiting a denim skirt for many many years.  I had severals years back, but I gave them all away, and I have been having seperation anxiety ever since.  There is a denim skirt at Nordstroms, that I want...but...It is $85.  Which for me...is a bit high.  I normally wouldnt spend that kind of money on 1 clothing item, but guess what I did!  Thanks to the help of my friend Sharon.  She had gotten a Nordstroms gift card for Christmas, and she gave it to me!  Yah!  I honestly don't think I would have bought the skirt if it weren't for the gift card!

    Can't save a picture of the skirt from Nordstroms, so here is the link:  http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/kut-from-the-kloth-denim-skirt-plus/3244280?origin=wishlist

    Are you wondering where the optimistic shopping part comes in?  Get ready...I ordered the skirt in a size 18!  I am in no way a size 18.  Right now I am in a size 22, but I compared the size chart at Nordstroms with the charts at JcPenney, Lane Bryant, and Avenue...and I would have probably needed a size 20.  Hey, I have a couple of months until summer rolls in...I can drop a skirt size in a couple of months!  Let's git her done!  LOL!

    Saturday Prep Day

    Whew.  Time is going by way way too fast!  Well as I try to regain control of myself after my Holiday Freedom.  It was time to get prepared.  I spent today grocery shopping and planning my meals for the week.  So I sit here as some chicken is cooking and I am letting my spinach, lettuce & kale drip in the coliander so I can cut it all up. 

    Again, I want to give a shout out to Sprouts Farmers Market!  They have truly been a heaven sent in my dieting!  I love being able to get quality, fresh, produce for cheap prices.  I got to stock up today on Blueberries, Blackberries, Grapefruit, appleas, Kale, Spinach, Spring Mix, Cucumbers, tomatoes, chicken breasts and mahi mahi!!!!  

    My energy level has been noticeable lower now that I have been eating junk for 2 months.  So I decided today to splurge on some vitamin B-12 drops.  Again bought at Sprouts.  The bottle recommends 25 drops under the tongue. In all honesty, I tried to count the drops, but I lost count somewhere.  I hope I took enough!  I will see in a couple of days if I notice a change. 

    So here is my plan of attack for the days ahead

    Breakfast:  Black Coffee, Eggs, with side of Veggies
    Lunch:  Some form of Salad that I will make
    Dinner:  Some form of Salad that I will make
    Snacks:  Veggies or Fruit
    And lastly...time to recommit myself to physical activity and being accountable on the blog.  I've added a few things to my workout calendar.  I will see how things go before I plan the rest of the week.  I am honestly concerned that I will be sore after about Wednesday.   I just saw a commercial for the Susan G Komen Cancer walk 20 miles for 3 days.  I am intrigued...time to hit Google and find out more about it. 

    I'm Out...Stay tuned, the journey continues.
    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    A Terrible Day

    Well yesterday..January 10th was an absolutely horrible eat day!  I was doing okay until my late night Popeye's Chicken run!  I am so disappionted.  When I was driving by it, it sounded so good and it smelled so good, but once I ordered the chicken, it was not the best tasting chicken.  I have never had bad chicken from Popeye's, so this was new for me!

    Breakfast: Coffee & 1/2 Blueberry Bagel

    Lunch:  1/2 of a Turkey Sandwich & alot of Pico De Gallo (my favorite)

    Dinner:  2 pieces of Popeye's chicken.

    Workout:  None!  Oops!

    It was a very stressful day at work.  So many account issues and drama.  The day did go by really really fast though.  I hope today goes by fast but with less drama.  Off to work I go.  Talk to you later.
    Tuesday, January 10, 2012

    Time to Face the Music....

    Well Gang...the scale has been replaced.  And this morning, I said its time to face the music and see what damage has been done!  This mornings Weigh in...332.4!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! 

    I am not surprised!  I knew I gained weight, and in all honesty I thought it would be more than a 13 pounds.  My last weigh in was in October.  So now that I know where I am at...it is definately time to get back into the swing of things, before I get any bigger! 

    Stay Tuned cause the scale will slide back downward...I will be under 300 pounds before Spring rolls in!  That is my promise to myself. 
    Thursday, January 5, 2012

    Recap of Wednesday Jan 4

    Man...I honestly have nothing much to report about Wednesday.  I got home and for some odd reason, I was extremely tired.  I went and laid down and I was out for hours.  I woke up at 11:50pm!  I check my cell phone when I woke up and I had missed calls and text messages and I didn't hear the phone ring at all for any of it!  I was really really out of it. 

    Wednesday was supposed to be my kickboxing day, but since I played sleeping beauty for the afternoon that did not happen.  So no physical activity for me.  :0(


         3 baked chicken wings
         1/2 cup of Squash
         1 cup of Herb roasted potatoes (they are so yummy)
         1 can of coke

    Mid Afternoon Snack
         Isopure Protein Shake

    So that is it, boring I know, but I must stay accountable.
    Wednesday, January 4, 2012

    Revisitation of January 3...

    Happy New Year! 
    The New Year has started...Wow.  It still makes me pause to say 2012.  The time went by way too fast.  I will keep this short, but here is the eats for yesterday Jan 3rd:


         Cup of Noodles

         Small Salad (Spring Mix, 1 roma tomato, italian dressing, lemon juice)

    Drank lots of water throught the day and drank 1/2 of a bottle of Pepsi.  I know this food list seems kinda skimpy and well it should be.  I am trying to break myself from my crazy holidy eating.  I want to do 3 days of liquids only.  As you can see I didn't quite do liquids only, but its a vast improvement of what I have been eating over the holidays.  Now I need to cut out the caffiene again, and I will be on my way.

         45 min neighborhood walk
    It is wonderful be be outside in January and it's almost 80 degrees!  I had to take advantage of the weather!

    Talk to you all later.