Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend In Review

I want to first say....I had an awesome weekend!

I am loving life...and living it to the fullest!  I had a nice outdoorsy weekend, thats why it was AWESOME!  The weather has been a bit odd this week.  The June Gloom has been hoovering around for far too long!  But none the less, I made it a point to get outside over the weekend!

So my first adventure for the weekend..Another Bike Ride on the Beach.  This time I started at Dockweiler Beach in Playa Del Rey and went up to Marina Del Rey.  It was a nice ride all on a bike path.  But it was a tough ride.  I had a harder this on this ride than the Santa Monica/Malibu ride.  I still had fun though.  I covered 10.24 miles round trip.  Not bad for the novice bike rider that I am!   Here is the route courtesy of the coolest app there is, Endomondo:

Riding on the beach and along the Marina was so beautiful.  I took some pictures at the Marina for your Blogging enjoyment...

I did something today (Sunday) that I have not done in a while.  I got up and went out for a stroll in my neighborhood.  It has been a while since I did that.  I attempted to jog but only 2 times while I was out.  I still need to find somewhere flat I can continue to practice my running.

I called my dad today for father's day and I debriefed him of my biking and walking today.  I told him how I struggle running outside and what does he say?  You should be able to run by now, especially if you are able to bike 10 miles!  Really?  How does he come up with that?  He is probably right since my dad is the lifelong athlete and is still athletic to this day.  I am beginning to wonder if my hesitation to running is a mental thing.  Gotta think about that. 

So that was my weekend the cliff notes version.  The rest of the weekend was boring and mundane!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  See you later in the week!
Thursday, June 14, 2012

An Unusual Distraction

Today was kick boxing day!  But I opted not to go kick boxing and got a pedicure instead!  Ha Ha!  This is truly a first for me!  So what in the world made me get a pedicure instead of going to class? 

The new pair of shoes that I got today!  Steve Madden's Manngo Wedge Sandals! They were so cute and I love wedge sandals!  I could not resist!  Purchased from Nordstrom Rack

I only wish they were in brown.  I need a nice pair of brown sandals.  But I got them anyways. In an attempt to be stylish at work on Friday and over the weekend, the feet needed to be prepared to be seen in my cute shoes!  I terrible excuse, but I had to make it to the nail place before it closed, if I went to kickboxing I would not have been able to get my pedicure.

Well today was a hectic day at work.  We're working on a big deal, that needs to be closed by the 15th. We made lots of progress today so we should be able to get everything done tomorrow.  I went for a leisurely stroll today.  The PMS symptoms started up today, so I needed to do something.  Nothing too hard core, just about 30 minutes in the neighborhood.

The eats for the day....all over the place..

Breakfast:  Coffee, Cheese Danish

Mid AM Snack:  Apple & Turnip Greens

Lunch:  Pad Thai Noodles

Dinner: Chicken Breast, Black Beans

So that is all for now.  Time for some Advil, my heating pad and some sweet sweet sleep! 
Good Night Friends!
Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Night Night Cap

The day has winded away!  Its been a while (again) sits I have updated anything.  Oops!  Work has been updating in the day time has not been able to take place and I have been so tired at nights I have not posted at night.  So here I am again, just making a quick post for the sake posting sake! :0)

I won't bore you with the what I ate, what exercise I did, but I am writing tonight from the...What's eatting you perspective.  Many years ago, I was told it not what I eat, but what's eatting me that is the root to my weight issue.  It took me a while to embrace that saying..but its so true.  Have you ever gone a week eat extremely worked out like crazy and then sit back and realize it made no difference on the scale, but something with in you is not right or you are just plain unhappy?  Been there done that...and I am back to it again.

I am back on the roller coaster of emotions.  It took me at least 4 days to realize I was on it.  But the rollercoaster came to a screeching halt last Friday night.  Then Friday night was a night of crying, tears, and facing the reality of what I was feeling about certain situations.  We all get hurt, and I know for me I always pacify the situation with saying it's okay, no worries, I will be okay...and I just keep it pushing.  So like a pimple that has been squeezed....I popped and out come all the emotions! I had been getting very angry, and bitter about expectations that people put on me...and almost borderline demand me to do.  And it had gotten so bad it was coming on all fronts, personal life, work, church, family...etc.  I was beginning to think the whole world has gone mad!  I truly felt like I had the weight of the universe on my this past week! 

So I got lots of release on Saturday during prayer, or at least so I thought and what I thought was healing and closure on Monday.  But little heart was truly blessed...truly healed, truly made whole, truly BROKEN to its core and it came from the most unexpected place.  Where do you ask?  From a child!  The sweet, the genuine act of a child.  It could not get any more pure and real that for it to come from a child!   After questioning if anything mattered, if anything I do to try to help people matters, and if they even cared? 

So today here I am again going to give money to someone.  And I was thinking, to myself they probably have no idea what all I have gone through and sacrificed for them to have this money.  I just knew in my mind they would not appreciate it, that they probably wouldn't do what they said they would do with it.  But I said I would give it so, in an attempt to keep my word, I still gave the money.  But today it was different.  When I called them to come outside, she came outside, she is just a kid, but her face was just lit with happiness, she was grinning ear to ear, and she as truly just grateful.  I was shocked..I had never seen or felt what I was feeling from sitting in my car.  She started to walk away and I was in tears.  All I could say to myself, is oh my God, after everything I had been feeling...I needed to see her reaction.  And then I was reminded that not everyone will receive things in the right spirit.  If I had closed myself off completely to helping people, the ones that do need it will miss out.  So for all the wrong that had been done by others, it does not outweigh me knowing that there was one, that is appreciative and grateful..and I am helping and making a difference in her life....I hope!  :0) So today and from this day forward..I do it for the One!  The One that will take it and run with it! 

I know none of this will make sense to anyone..but oh well!  This one's for me!  Night Night Folks! 
Thursday, June 7, 2012

Still perfecting the Balancing Act

Hey Gang...

Just a quick check in.  I was taking inventory this morning and said wow, I have allowed people and my desire to help others deter me from MY plans!  I'm being serious, and laughing at myself at the same time.  I highlight the MY because I know in life, I can't make everything about me.  I don't consider myself a selfish person, and I don't dare ever want to trample on that territory about being so consumed with self.

I think that I like about myself is my heart and desire to help others.  At times it can be my downfall.  I have been mentoring a high-school kid.  She is 2 weeks away from graduation!  I am excited for her, but at the same time, it is crunch time for her.  So I have been busy helping her complete projects, homework, studying etc.  But I sit this morning and noticed, I have cancelled every planned workout this week!  Not that I mind...she needed me, and sometimes the selfless acts we do for others in life reaps many benefits.  Yet still, I can not use this poor child as an excuse!  I am a member of a gym called 24 Hour Fitness!  And why do you think its called 24 Hour Fitness?  Cause they are open 24 hours a day!  Isn't that amazing?  Again I am without excuse!   Granted I may not have been able to make spin class, or kick boxing etc, but I can definitely get into the gym and get on a treadmill, get on the elliptical or the ever death of me machine, the Cross Trainer!

So again...I need to be more better at juggling my time and making time for myself.  I don't need that much time to workout.  I got 30-40 minutes will do the trick!   I am renewing my dedication and will do better about being active at least 30 minutes a day.

Let's see..I have a new breakfast combination that I am in love with.  Eggs & Mustard Greens!  It has been the breakfast staple this week.  The combine very well, I put this up there with my egg & tomato combination!  I am excited for this weekend.  I hope I can get to take Purple Rain out this weekend!  That would so make my day and weekend!

I am done rambling...Be well!

Egg & Mustard Greens 
Monday, June 4, 2012

Recap & Ramblings!

Wow..the whole week went by and not too many updates!  Oh well!  Life goes on, I am here now!  I have a few exciting things to report!  I feel like a little kid...I want to introduce you all to Purple Rain!  So you are thinking who or what is Purple Rain?  It's my new bike!
Purple Rain
This bike purchase was unexpected.  Shall I tell you how I came to get it?  Okay I will!  On Saturday I had on my calendar that I would meet up with a couple of friends in Santa Monica and we were gonna attempt to rent bikes and ride on the beach!  This is something I have been wanting to do for a while, but I have not ridden a bike since I was a little kid.  I was not sure I could still ride a bike!  So here we are on Saturday at Santa Monica and I am renting out my beach cruiser, and I get on it and the rest was history!  I have fallen in love with being on a bike.  I have had this child-like giddiness that I just can't describe!  After my ride on Saturday I just had to get me a bike!

I went on Craigslist and was searching a found a few decent looking ads and pictures.  This bike that I got, was hiding all the way in Norwalk, CA!  But its so pertty!  I feel in love with it immediately, and I decided yesterday to name it Purple Rain!

On Saturday we road from the Santa Monica/venice Beach Border to the Santa Monica/Malibu Border.  Total trip of 9.66 miles.  I was impressed with my endomondo app on my phone, I was able to track the whole trip!  I think I am going to purchase the full version!   If you are so inclined here is the map & stats of the bike ride!

That's all I will do for now...I must get to work!