Sunday, March 6, 2011

Have ya missed me?

Howdy Partners.  Even though I have not been blogging, it has been on my mind.  It has been almost a month!  Man how time flies!  Well It has been a productive month for me..don't get to excited.  THe diet & excercise side of my life has not been productive, but I spent a few weeks bringing my personal life in order.  I need to divert my attention temporarily to take care of some areas that have suffered much lack.  Now it is time to really try to balance my life.  There is so much to do, so much to care of and never enough time.  So I begin today with trying to maintain a balance in my life and not focusing too much on one thing so that other areas of my life get neglected.  If all goes well.  i will get on the scale in the morning to see how much damage has been done in the last month.

During my hiatus from blogging I have stumbled upon so much information about food.  It honestly made me sick to my stomach.  Our food has so much additives to it, stuff to preserve it from spoiling, coloring to make it look good, things to make it keep its shape, flavorings to make it taste better, and even more preservatives to maintain its flavor, taste & color!  Sadly alot of these "man-made" items are not good for the body, they have lots of side effects.  No wonder there has been such an increase in allegeries and various types of sickness.  We are eating ourselves into a state of sickness! 

This round..I want to attempt healthy eating in a different way.  I thought I was eating healthy before, but my understanding has been opened.  Not all things that appear healthy is healthy.  Have I told you my squash story?  To keep things short, I will just say, I found out the squash I had been buying, cooking and eating is genetically modified!  Milk and dairy products have a chemical in them that is a glue, and it also has another chemical in it that is used to de-ice airplanes.  Soy....alot of it is genetically modified.  My salad dressing is full of MSG that causes cancer.  The list goes on, but I won't spend much time on that, but by now you get the point.  So my new way of eating healthy is to stay as simple as possible.  What do I mean simple?  Read labels...if I can't understand the ingredients list its a no go.  It amazed me as I was in Sprouts and Trade Joes this weekend how simple the ingredients were for Balsamic Vinagriette.  It had maybe no more than 8-10 ingredients, and it was all simple ingredients that I knew, I did not need to get on google to find out what it was.  So that is what I mean by simple.  I want to stay as natural and unprocessed as possible. 

Pray for me as I embark on this new journey. The Destination has not changed but the path has!  :0)



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Where you at GF! Come back! Come back! :)

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