Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Day of Firsts!

What a Saturday this turned out to be!

Today was my first bike ride on the local streets of my neighborhood. I was riding from my house to the Westfield Culver City Mall. Extremely nervous, fearful of being hit by a car, and with no helmet I left my house at 7am. Challenge #1 navigating the sidewalks on my street. it's a downhill ride at first and they quickly an uphill ride. I made it! Without hitting
any fire hydrants or light poles!

So now I'm on a major street: Centinela. I'm feeling a bit more comfortable and beginning to enjoy the ride and next thing I know my front tire is stuck and I'm flying face first to the street! I feel my right thigh hit the handle and down I go! Crap! well I survived the fall other than the bruise on my thigh which is now kinda painful no other injuries. My bikes Front tire, didn't fair so well. I have to get a new tire but I am hoping a tube repair will do.

Based on my GPS tracker my first bike ride on the mean streets of Los Angeles lasted exactly 8 minutes!

With a busted front tire and a meeting with a friend at 8:30am. there was no time to return home. I walked my bike to the nearest bus stop and hopped on the bus! The buses have bike racks on them, I had no clue how use them but today...I learned! My first bus trip using the bike rack! Thankfully the bus was not
crowded and the bus driver was patient with me and gave me instructions on how to work the rack!

I meet with Hailey for our planned workout. our many laps around cheviot hills park in Century City. By the time I meet with her I was already exhausted from the bike situation, then having to walk my bike to the bus stop it was already a full day! So with no breakfast in me, no water in me, we walked like 5 miles today! And why of all Saturdays it's like 80 degrees at 8:30am?

Bus journey home begins. Hunger pangs have flared up, I could eat a whole cow right now! I made it to the mall stopped by a tire place and asked them to put air in my front tire. My curiosity wanted to see if it was really busted. fret not Kyra, it's really busted. Off I go to lock up the bike and made a b-line to the food court at the mall!

Chicken Now is where I ended up. Never heard of them until today. My first meal of the day and my first time at this place. Got a BLT wrap with fries...Delish! Fed and Full, energy restored journeyed back home safely!



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