Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking forward to the New Year

2014....What a year! Today the last day of the year.  Just about 6 and a half hours away from a brand new year!

365 days make up a year...and I plan to make the best of every day.  Most of those days were wasted in 2014.  2015 will not be a wasteful year. That is the ultimate goal...Don't waste any more time.  Yes I made a vision board, but that Vision Board is filled with things I have wanted to do for so long!  Things I wanted but never did and things I wanted but I let fear and insecurities stop me.  Goals can't be reached without a plan, without action, or without commitment.

2015...I am ready for you! 
Not 365 days...but 365 opportunities to move toward my goals. 
I will make the most of every opportunity.

Today December 31st 2014, I have registered for my first Photography Class at Samy's Photo School!  It's a basic course for my Canon 60d.  The lessons will be for specifically for my camera.  There is still so much about my camera I don't know, so this will help me so much!  The class is on February one thing from my Vision Board underway!


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