Saturday, July 4, 2015


This post is so not weight loss related, but I needed to write it!

Last night July 3rd, I went to a concert at the Greek Theater here in L.A.  It was my first time at the Greek Theater and it was a couple of old 80/90's R&B singers.  Who could pass up T.R.O.O.P, SWV, Ginuwine, Tony Toni Tone and Blacksteet?  I grew up listening to them, it was the much of my childhood!  And better yet, it was free my Friends won the tickets!

That being said, I had a really great time!  The concert was great...I could have done without Troop & Tony Toni Tone in all honesty, but Ginuwine & Blackstreet put on really good performances.  SWV, I love them, but they had such a short set.  I think they sang for only 30 minutes, they could have sang for an hour.  I wish they did more.

I am a fan of all the artists, but who I really wanted to see was Blackstreet and they were the last to hit the stage and seeing what they did, it was the perfect closing act!  They had an hour on teh stage and I am sure they could have gone on for like 3 more hours.  So here I was anticipation built up, waiting for them to come on the stage and there they were.  Teddy Riley and 2 dudes, whose names I never bothered to remember.  They sang a few seconds of some Blackstreet songs as a teaser and guess who comes on stage...DAVE HOLLISTER!   I officially was in the Blackstreet moment.  In my Eddie Murphy voice from Coming to America, "That boy can sing"  LOL!  I had not listened to Blackstreet or Dave Hollister music in so long, I forgot how much I loved his voice!  Listening to him sing was AMAZING!  Well he had the opportunity to sing a new song, he is releasing an album.  Teddy Riley did a solo set, which was incredible which leads me to the MEMORY.  In Teddy Riley's solo set, He brings out Kool Moe Dee!  And while I can't tell you much about Kool Moe Dee, and I can't name most of his songs, there is one song of his that I know, and I create that knowledge to my brother.  On comes Kool Moe Dee Singing Wild Wild West!  While he is performing, my memory goes back to maybe 1987/88ish?  Not sure of the real year, but I remember this song from my childhood with my brother Kevin.  I don't know what we were trying to do.  But my memory of this song, is he was trying to get me to rap the song.  He had written down the words, I remember him standing behind the bar at our house with our old record player like he was a DJ and I am trying to rap the song!

That was the memory replaying in my head all night and even today, the day after the performance. Strangly this memory struck me, I often remember all the things my brother has done that angered me to no end!  I can recall them in a heart beat, that I forgot that we actually had some good times.  When I think of us trying to DJ & perform Wild Wild West as kids, I remember then having fun, it was just the 2 of us.  My sister and brother weren't around at that time.  If they were I don't remember then partaking in our performance, I just remember it being me & "Kevi" as my sister would call him.  It's my good memory of my brother among all the bad ones, that I have, but I cherish it deeply.  I was maybe 10/11 at the time and Here it is 20+ years later, that Kool Moe Dee at a concert would remind me, that I had good times with my brother, things weren't always bad.  So I say to myself and to anyone that may read this, We have good memories, we have bad memories.  Hold on to the good ones, and let the bad ones go!  Real talk!

To finish off this post and to make my memory complete, and audio snippet of last night Kool Moo Dee performance!  Kool Moe Dee-Wild Wild West



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