Thursday, June 4, 2015

Small Changes...

Well Hello there!

The mid-point of the year is here!  AHHHH! 
Well I am going to try to not focus on the lack of time I have.  I know once I get serious and get into a routine, anything is bound to happen. 

Things have gotten a little better.  My eating has gotten better.  My workouts, are few and far between.  But I hope to change that shortly.  Summer is around the corner, we have extra daylight after work and I am now keeping a few changes of workout clothes in the car.  The goal is...When traffic is bad, instead of sitting on the 405 freeway, I can stop and go to the gym or even stop at a park and go for a walk.  I have a plan, it's time to implement it.  I have been driving around with a change of clothes in the car since Tuesday!  It's going to happen I promise.  The plan in place...Implementation will happen shortly!

Good legs are no longer cramping up.  But  for some odd reason my right leg continues to swell up on me.  I always thought it as dehydration, but I have been drinking anywhere from 2-3 liters of water these last few days and no relief.  It is not painful, but there is no reason why just my right leg would be swollen.  I plan to go get some celery & apples and juice them.  Get some stuff to help flush my system and my liver. 

My Victory for the Week:  I've gone all week w/o Soda! 


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