Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year!

I can't believe that a new year is here!  So Happy New Year!
Last year around this time I already knew what my goals for the year would be.  This year, I have no idea what my goals should be.  For right now the goal is to finish the goals I did not complete in 2013.

I am glad 2013 is gone...It had many ups & downs, and the downs just beat me down like I could have never imagined.  But yet I am still here, TRYING, to get heatlhy, continuing to keep moving and TRYING to lose weight!  It is not a easy task, but I am not giving up!

I did not lose the weight I wanted to last year, I did complete my 36 mile bike ride!  So that was a huge accomplishment for me.  Another long Bike ride is probably gonna get done in 2014.  Still leading up group run with Black Girls run and I have picked up a new group, so now I have Monday Evenings, and Sunday morning events that I host. 

I started off the year doing a 5k..I finished, not the greatest results, but I am glad I was able start the year off with a race.  So for now my race calendar includes the 5k - at the LA marathon in March, and a 10K in April at the Hollywood Half Marathon.  I'll wait and see what else I can get on the calendar.

I hope this year I will be more consistent with my blogging!  Here's to a New Year with New Adventures!



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