Sunday, October 27, 2013

2 More Hikes in the Book!

Hey Hey!

Fall is upon us here in California.  The weather is definitely cooling off, its dark in the morning, getting dark in the evening and it makes me sad!  I miss my sunshine!  My outdoor adventures will have come to an end...I think!

Well I have not been posting too much, and for that I truly do apologies!

October has been a fun month!  I hiked twice this month.  Last Saturday, I hiked Fryman Canyon, it is my second time doing this hike.  Yesterday, I did a hike in Rancho Palos Verde.  It was beautiful!  The course runs along side the coast and is near by the Trump National Gulf Course. My tour guide for this trip was my friend Beverly and I went with Dionne and Hailey.  This was also my first hike with hiking boots!  Yup...I now own hiking boots!  I got a deal at Big 5 Sporting Goods....$19.99!

The weather was not on my side.  We had a very very thick layer of fog so we didn't have great visibility.  Normally on a clear day, I am told you can see out to Catalina Island and as far north as Santa Monica.  Now the day after the hike...not too terribly sore.  My sorest calves.  

So here is me and Hailey, in what we called, Natures Living Room.  A spot we found on the hike, looks like someone built a little temporary shelter on the coast!

It was a very foggy day, the pictures of the scenery probably not as nice as they could have been, but here are some pictures I took on the hike.

Rancho Palos Verde Hike Pictures


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