Thursday, November 17, 2011

Recap of Wednesday...

Well I know I posted earlier I was making my way back, and since then I have not posted anything.  I already get an F.  So yesterday, was not a great eat day.  I indulged in some Taco Bell...why o why?  I was doing so well up until the Taco Bell indulgence.

Wednesday was a pretty lull day.  Work was busy, which is probably for my best right now, it helps keep my mind off of things.  I meet up with a old co-worker from Citi National Bank.  She was over in Century City for a meeting and came and had coffee with me.  I also found out one of my other former CNB co-workers  now works across the lot from me!  I am excited!

Okay here are the eats for the day:

     White Chocolate Latte
Mid Am Snack

     Kale Salad w/ 1 slice of toast

Mid Afternoon Snack
     Beef jerky

     3 tacos & a quesadilla from Taco Bell

I was supposed to go to spin class last night but didn't.  I was go heavy & lazy after consumming all my taco bell, I couldn't work out!  LOL. I need help...pray for me people!


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