Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Making my way back...

Hey gang...Well it has been a rough 3-4 weeks here personally.  I can't remember how much I "blogged" about my apartment issues.  But just to keep the story short, I have been living out of boxes for 2 weeks, Sleeping on an air matress for about a month now.  It was a hard transition, a vast mix of emotions, alot of heart ache, pain, and tears. 

Over the weekend, I decided its time to get back to a routine.  Now that I am slowing unpacking my apartment, I now have access to my pots & pans, cups, my oven, its time to cook at home and stop eating out, which is such an expensive thing to do.  Even with the best of intentions of eating healthy while dining out, it is rather hard to do, when I can't tell how things are really being.  Things that sound healthy at places, aren't necessarily heatlhy.  Salads as we all know can be a death trap of calories with all the stuff they add to it! 

So yesterday, was my first day of back to preparing my own food and getting my tail outside to get some workouts in.  Does anyone else struggle with working out in the winter?  The cold just adds a whole other hurdle to overcome in excercising!   

In True Form, here is my recap of what I ate on Monday Nov 14th..not a perfect food day...

     Cup of Coffee

Mid Am Snack
     2 Tomatoes
     Mushroom Cap (I love mushrooms)

     Kale Salad (Oh how I missed eating you)  It was delish!

Afternoon Snack (b-day celebration @ work)
     Slice of Strawberry shortcake

     1 tomato

Now that I have logged this, for some odd reason, I have been craving tomatoes.  Hmm!  But I do love the little boogers.

     45 min Neighborhood Walk

On another note I wanna share my victory over this past weekend.  I had signed up for a charity spinnning event called Sweat for A Vet.  I signed up to spin for 3 hours...and I successfully completed it!  It was hard!  The 3rd hour was by far the hardest and I almost felt like I was gonna pass out.  But I completed all 3 hours!  Yeah Me!

Talk you guys later!


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