Thursday, June 7, 2012

Still perfecting the Balancing Act

Hey Gang...

Just a quick check in.  I was taking inventory this morning and said wow, I have allowed people and my desire to help others deter me from MY plans!  I'm being serious, and laughing at myself at the same time.  I highlight the MY because I know in life, I can't make everything about me.  I don't consider myself a selfish person, and I don't dare ever want to trample on that territory about being so consumed with self.

I think that I like about myself is my heart and desire to help others.  At times it can be my downfall.  I have been mentoring a high-school kid.  She is 2 weeks away from graduation!  I am excited for her, but at the same time, it is crunch time for her.  So I have been busy helping her complete projects, homework, studying etc.  But I sit this morning and noticed, I have cancelled every planned workout this week!  Not that I mind...she needed me, and sometimes the selfless acts we do for others in life reaps many benefits.  Yet still, I can not use this poor child as an excuse!  I am a member of a gym called 24 Hour Fitness!  And why do you think its called 24 Hour Fitness?  Cause they are open 24 hours a day!  Isn't that amazing?  Again I am without excuse!   Granted I may not have been able to make spin class, or kick boxing etc, but I can definitely get into the gym and get on a treadmill, get on the elliptical or the ever death of me machine, the Cross Trainer!

So again...I need to be more better at juggling my time and making time for myself.  I don't need that much time to workout.  I got 30-40 minutes will do the trick!   I am renewing my dedication and will do better about being active at least 30 minutes a day.

Let's see..I have a new breakfast combination that I am in love with.  Eggs & Mustard Greens!  It has been the breakfast staple this week.  The combine very well, I put this up there with my egg & tomato combination!  I am excited for this weekend.  I hope I can get to take Purple Rain out this weekend!  That would so make my day and weekend!

I am done rambling...Be well!

Egg & Mustard Greens 


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