Thursday, June 14, 2012

An Unusual Distraction

Today was kick boxing day!  But I opted not to go kick boxing and got a pedicure instead!  Ha Ha!  This is truly a first for me!  So what in the world made me get a pedicure instead of going to class? 

The new pair of shoes that I got today!  Steve Madden's Manngo Wedge Sandals! They were so cute and I love wedge sandals!  I could not resist!  Purchased from Nordstrom Rack

I only wish they were in brown.  I need a nice pair of brown sandals.  But I got them anyways. In an attempt to be stylish at work on Friday and over the weekend, the feet needed to be prepared to be seen in my cute shoes!  I terrible excuse, but I had to make it to the nail place before it closed, if I went to kickboxing I would not have been able to get my pedicure.

Well today was a hectic day at work.  We're working on a big deal, that needs to be closed by the 15th. We made lots of progress today so we should be able to get everything done tomorrow.  I went for a leisurely stroll today.  The PMS symptoms started up today, so I needed to do something.  Nothing too hard core, just about 30 minutes in the neighborhood.

The eats for the day....all over the place..

Breakfast:  Coffee, Cheese Danish

Mid AM Snack:  Apple & Turnip Greens

Lunch:  Pad Thai Noodles

Dinner: Chicken Breast, Black Beans

So that is all for now.  Time for some Advil, my heating pad and some sweet sweet sleep! 
Good Night Friends!


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