Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend In Review

I want to first say....I had an awesome weekend!

I am loving life...and living it to the fullest!  I had a nice outdoorsy weekend, thats why it was AWESOME!  The weather has been a bit odd this week.  The June Gloom has been hoovering around for far too long!  But none the less, I made it a point to get outside over the weekend!

So my first adventure for the weekend..Another Bike Ride on the Beach.  This time I started at Dockweiler Beach in Playa Del Rey and went up to Marina Del Rey.  It was a nice ride all on a bike path.  But it was a tough ride.  I had a harder this on this ride than the Santa Monica/Malibu ride.  I still had fun though.  I covered 10.24 miles round trip.  Not bad for the novice bike rider that I am!   Here is the route courtesy of the coolest app there is, Endomondo:

Riding on the beach and along the Marina was so beautiful.  I took some pictures at the Marina for your Blogging enjoyment...

I did something today (Sunday) that I have not done in a while.  I got up and went out for a stroll in my neighborhood.  It has been a while since I did that.  I attempted to jog but only 2 times while I was out.  I still need to find somewhere flat I can continue to practice my running.

I called my dad today for father's day and I debriefed him of my biking and walking today.  I told him how I struggle running outside and what does he say?  You should be able to run by now, especially if you are able to bike 10 miles!  Really?  How does he come up with that?  He is probably right since my dad is the lifelong athlete and is still athletic to this day.  I am beginning to wonder if my hesitation to running is a mental thing.  Gotta think about that. 

So that was my weekend the cliff notes version.  The rest of the weekend was boring and mundane!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  See you later in the week!


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