Saturday, October 12, 2013

Long Run Weekend #1

LOL! It's kinda sad that I am even calling this a long run. But it is...for me! It is more miles that I have one in a really really long time. With the days getting shorter and its getting darker, I only have time to get in extra miles on Saturdays and Sundays. So today I ventured out there, I had no goal in mind, I just said I would walk until I didn't want to walk any more.

Well I walked 6.7 miles today, and I am happy to report, I could have walked more, but I didn't know where else to walk to. My body felt okay, I actually felt like I had lots of energy.  So maybe I can accomplish this 1/2 marathon after all! 

Technology aka my Endomondo App says I did an average pace of 4.5mph. 6.74 miles total in 1:29:58!

Not a bad starting point, in my humble opinion!


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