Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Day In Review

I know its a boring title for this post, my creative juices aren't flowing. Today mixed emotions. A friend has passed. No warning, she was not sick or ill. Just got a phone call and a text that she died this morning. She will be missed! Wierd cravings this week: 1. I am craving Kale 2. I am craving protein in the morning Breakfast: White Chocolate Latte, Bagel w/ Cream cheese Mid AM Breakfast: Omelette with cheese, green & red peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomato (remember I said I was craving protein) I was surprisingly still hungry after my bagel & coffee so this was breakfast #2! Lunch: Baked Chicken with Yams Dinner: Tuna Nicoise salad Workout: I had planned to go to spin class....BUT got stuck at work late so I went for a walk. 3.81 miles completed! As I was walking tonight trying to sort through my feelings and emotions from my friend passing away, I got to thinking October is almost 1/2 over. December 8th will be here before I know the heck and when in the world will I be able to increase my mileage for the 1/2 marathon? Oh I need to get with it quickly! Time is going by so quickly!


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