Thursday, December 9, 2010

I finally got to try to spin shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited!  I finally made it to spin class and got a bike.  My first class in almost 2 weeks.  Since I am so excited I will talk about my workout before my eats!  Spin class as always is hard, but I got to try to new spin shoes.  I can feel the difference in my legs using hte spin shoes.  it was a bit wierd when I pull up on the pedal to feel the pedal be attached to my foot.  And I surprised myself..I was able to clip in on my 3rd attempt!  Yay me!

Okay to the boring eats for the day:

     20 ounce bottle of coke
     **don't ask, I can't even explain this one. 

AM Snack

   Went to Salad Bar @ Century City mall ate salad
     Romaine Lettuce, bleu cheese, turkey, mushrooms, black beans, olives w/ balsamic vinagriette
    Slice of Cheese pizza

    Atkins Protein Shake
Total Calories for hte estimation probably close to 1,700.  The pizza slice was huge, it really was, so I am estimating like 500 calories for the pizza and another 500 for the salad with all the toppings.  Sounds realistic don't it?
     60 minutes Spin Class!



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