Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hey Blog Readers...if I have any out there! 
Well as you can see this blog has not been touched since hte beginning of Thanksgiving week.  OOPS!  I am starting things back up.  I may have been down for a moment but I am not out!  Too much progress and improvements have taken place to quit now!  So I hope you are still with me for the journey...cause I am in for the long haul! 

Last night I got some thoughts about where to take Destination Fitness & Fit for Purpose.  After doing some research, I noticed the Small Business Administration offers classes how various issues about starting a business.  There is a class this weekend (Dec 11th) About how to start a business in California.  I think I may have to attend.  All the business courses I took, I took in Nevada, so I am so out of touch on what is required to start a business here in California. 

I am excited to report, if I have not already reported.  I have invested in spin shoes!  They arrived Thanksgiving week, so I have not been to spin class in a couple of weeks, so I have not yet tried them on.  This is another step in preparing me for Spinning Nation 2011, and to take my Spin Certification exam next year. 

So much for me to do in the months ahead!  Let's get ready to get Fit!



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