Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vacation recap

I had such high expections on this vacation.  I came packed with gym clothes, tennis shoes, etc.  And did not make it to the gym at all!  The first few days in Vegas, my eating was on point.  And then things made a horrible u-turn.  I was eating at BJ's, at Breakfast buffets, Taco Bell, drinking egg nog, eating ice cream, pie, and all those lovely items!  Never the less, Fun was had! 

My dad bought a treadmill and it is now in the house.  I got on it for literally 2 minutes one day!  It kinda made me want a treadmill, but they are so big and so very expensive.  While I was in Vegas I saw an ad at Big 5 for roller skates.  It resurfaced my desire to want to roller skate again.  I spent a good portion of my evening looking at roller rinks in the area that I can take classes at.  I think roller skating may be my next feat!  I am excited to give it a shot! 

As you can plainly see I have had yet another false start on this dieting train.  I have yet again missed weigh in's, and have not been journallling!  Bad me!  Now that I am back home (Long Beach) I can return to the straight and narrow path!  I am putting myself on a liquids and veggie diet for a week.  I went shopping after work today, and I got some Brussel sprouts, zuchini and some yellow squash.  Can you believe the store was out of spinach?  What the hey day!  But I will spend my weekend making oodles of veggies so things will be prepared. 

Quantity wise, I did not eat alot today.  The 2 meals I did have were not good meals though! :0:

Breakfast:  White chocolate latte & Pepperjack cheese croissant
Lunch:  none
Dinner:  El Polo Loco chicken, side salad & BBQ black beans.

Thats all for now.  Looking forward to continuing my weight loss journey...will you come along? :0)  LOL!  Good night!



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