Saturday, February 5, 2011

Late night Friday Update...

Howdy...Here i am up in the middle of the night so I figured I should hit the blog!  Today, was not a good eating day.  I strayed a little then I strayed alot! 

     White Chocolate Latte
     Butter Croissant
     Scrambled Eggs with Spinach & lentils

     Plain Greek Yogurt w/ teaspoon of Flax Seed & honey

    Veggie Plate (spinach, cabbage, Flounder)

     snack size Snickers Bar
     Snack bag of Cheetos

     Wingstop...lemon Pepper wings! 

Workout (surprisingly I got one in)
  1.  30 minutes Treadmill I had it on the manual course.  I warmed up did some walk/jog intervals and then did some hill training.  Got all the way to 5% incline on the machine.  394.8 calories burned.  I think that is hte most of I have burned in 30 minutes on the treadmill!  Go me!
  2. Back & Side Extensions 2  sets each side; 10 reps.  I have not done those in a hurt!
I will go try to get some sleep.  I start skating lessons tomorrow morning.  Well..technically later on today!  I can't wait!




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