Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Recap

Man...The weekend came and gone and I have to return to work tomorrow.  So sad.  Well I dont have much to report tonight.  THe weather was wonderful this weekend!  I went to skating lessons on Saturday, which turned out to be a disaster and a half.  But fret not, I will be back there on Saturday I gotta try. 

Quick jotdown of the eateries this weekend:
Saturday:  White chocolate Latte, apple, doritos, root beer, cobb salad, chicken nuggets, coke, hot dog, sour cream chips

Sunday:  White chocolate latte, pepper jack cheese croissant, 4 chicken finger, french fries, spritie.

Saturday Workout:  Skating 30 minutes

Sunday Workout (mainly weight training)
     Lat Pull Down:  70 lbs 4 reps of 10
     Leg Press: 180 lbs 4 reps of 12
     Back & Side Extensions  2 sets of 10
     Did a quick 8 mins on treadmill for warm up.

Thats all folks!  Gonna go iron my clothes, pack my lunch and hit the sack and do this all over again tomorrow.  Take care.



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