Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dressing Room Confessional


So here it is...there needs to seriously be an overhaul in the fashion industry.  Whomever is making our clothes these days, they suck!  I took advantage of a sale this weekend at the Avenue.  My main objective was to buy underwear and bras, but while I was there I tried on some jeans and some capri and some other items just to see what I could fit into.

So my rant steams from me currently owning and wearing an Avenue Jean in size 22, and when I tried this on this weekend, I couldn't fit a size 22!  WTH?  I don't understand?  It is rather frustrating!  I didn't buy any jeans cause I refuse at this stage to buy a size 24 jeans!

I am happy to report that progress I have made in the underwear department.  At the beginning of my journey.  I was wearing a size 48DD (or sometimes DDD, depending on the cut).  This weekend, as I played trail and error with the size I needed...I was able to get into a 44D!  Yah Me!   Then in the underwear department..I used to buy a 26/28 underwear and this weekend...18/20!   Yah Me! 

Yah Me! I am getting closer and closer to my first milestone...which is to get under 300!  I can't wait!

See ya later.



MissHaneefa said...

Way to go! Keep at it!

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