Monday, July 2, 2012

My poor neglected Blog...

Hello Blog...oh how I missed you! Please forgive me for visiting you! LOL! I am here now. I am enjoying life and life is enjoying me! What else can I say! I have some Good News and some not so good news. But I am writing this more as an update than anything else.

Not So Good News:

  •  Got on the scale this morning...334.8 I was thinking WTF? But then I said, "Whatever you evil scale" I feel good, I am being active!" I will not be defined by a number on a piece of machinery!  
  • I have not been working out as much as I should.  Been stricken with another lazy spell...OOPS!
Good News:
  • I am still enjoying my bike!  I went out this weekend.  Did 12 miles round trip!  
  • I am officially a run coordinator with Black Girls Run!  AHHH...exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time.  I think it will help me be accountable once I get started.  I will keep you posted as this progresses
God has been good, great and awesome to me!  I love him more today than I have in a long time!  New experience this last week with God.  Renewed & recommitted to Him!  That was my God Shout out!

Oh While I was biking on the beach this weekend, I found where Jack lives!  LOL..okay I really don't know if this is where lives, but what are the odds that someone unrelated to Jack in the Box has a house like this?  Kinda cool to see though! 
Jack's House - Hermosa Beach
And just a few more pictures of me on the bike this weekend.  Pictures can be used as Motivators...LOL.  It's horrible seeing yourself in a picture.  Time for more exercise! 



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