Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dinner & A Blog post

Again I have fallen off the Blogging Bandwagon.  Tonight I blog to you as I finish my dinner!  Tonight's dinner was one of my boiled dinner creations!  Chicken & Broccoli.   It's tasty and oh so healthy!

I filled one of my skillets with Chicken Broth added some Garlic Powder, Lemon Pepper seasoning and Mrs. Dash Chicken season, covered and brought that to a boil.  Added my chicken breasts.  Covered and brought to a boil and kept covered for close to 10 minutes.  Added my broccoli florets.  Covered again for 2 minutes and Voila!  Dinner is served!

Okay no more about food and dinner!  I have not gotten on the scale for the last 2 weeks, but I do have a progress report!  On Sunday I finally had to modify my belt! LOL!  Yes Modify!  I was at the last hole on my belt for a while.  Sunday when I put my jeans on, I couldn't do the loose belt thing I needed a belt that fits.  So I forced a new hole into the belt.  Much to my surprise when I marked the hole, its a good inch or so away from the last hole!  Woohoo!  Look See:

I don't have much to report.  My eating has been all over the place, I have not been able to work out as I would like too.  I have been fighting this cold for over 2 weeks now.  Made a visit to the doctor last week, but I am still struggling with this thing!  Hopefully I can shake it soon...I have a race next week!

That's all for now..see you next time!


MissHaneefa said...

That dinner looks so yummy. Great job on the belt modification! Next stop, a NEW belt! LOL! Have a great day.

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