Monday, March 4, 2013

March is here!!!!

Oh crap!  March is year...the first quarter of 2013 is close to an end!  Time is getting away from me!  I see its been a few weeks since my last update.  So today will just be a quick recap and update!

In preparation for the Beach Babe Cycling event in July...I bought a new bike!  I got to ride it twice so far!  The weather is all over the place, so I am trying to ride while the weather is nice!  My brothers were here visiting.  We had a good time.  They went to an L.A. Kings game, we ate, we were merry, we had fun!  I did get them bot to join me at the beach for a ride!  Overall it was a great visit!  It was the first time my oldest brother came to visit me since moving to California.  So it was a little special moment for me.

Not much new on the workout front.  Still doing the same things, walking, running, spinning, and weight training.   I did make it out to a BGR event this weekend in Griffith Park.  This was my first time at Griffith Park.  It is a nice park!  Here is a pictures of the group on Saturday

BGR Griffith Park 3/2/13

These last few weeks have been a little emotional!  Luckily not for myself, but so many friends are going through things and they are just hurt.  I've been spending so much time listening to their pain, listening to the hurt and sometimes its a bit overwhelming.  But everyone needs an ear that will listen and not judge.  And I know it's time to pray and intercede for people.  It hurts me to the core of my heart to see so much pain in the hearts of my friends.  It is a surreal, for the lack of a better word, to be in this situation.  My friends are hurt, I'm hurting and going through, and they come to me for comfort.  I had to remember, I am not on this earth for myself, but I have a purpose to fulfill! 

Well that is all for now. I hope the days ahead are better and I can stay on track with my posting!  Take Care


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