Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hike #2 Completed

Hello!  So far this Saturday is off to a great start!  I went on a hike this morning! 
Last year one of my fitness goals was complete a hike which I did.  I hiked Temescal Canyon in August.  I swore off hiking after that, but I mustered up some interest to try hiking one mo' time!

So today I hiked Fryman Canyon!  This is definately a better trail for the out of shape beginner that I am.  It was still a challenge, but definitely more doable!  I had my camera all aready to go to get views of L.A and Burbank but there was such a heavy Marine Layer this morning.  So disappionted....but that just means I have to go back! LOL! 

Nothing too exciting, but here is the GPS of the hike:

This cold is finally at the end...I hope.  the congestion is almost gone and the coughing has left me!


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