Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Recap...

View from the Marina
Marina Del Rey

I have been fighting a cold, but I am at the tail end of my sickness.  Saturday I set out to get 12 miles in for my Bike race in July.  I headed out there and I was feeling pretty energetic, and got 19.38 miles in!  I was so surprised!  I am glad I covered that many miles...that is 1/2 way to what I need prepare for.  Unfortunately in my ambitiousness I ventured into Marina Del Rey.  I have never figured out how to get around the Marina, so in years past I have always ridden to it turn around and just head down south to Hermosa Beach.  This weekend, I decided to tackle to Marina.  I know there is a path that will get me around the marina into Venice beach, and I was determined to find it.  I found part of it..and then some how I ended up on the streets.  I was on Lincoln blvd, a narrow 2 lane street in Marina Del rey with no bike lane!  I was terrified, and thought I was gonna get hit by a car! I am happy to report I made it without being injured!  I really had a great sense of accomplishment after I did that ride...I really had no idea I could do that much.
Saturday Bike Ride

After my bike ride, I ventured down to Redondo Beach and hit the Sauna.  A nice relazing hour in the sauna to detox and destress!  I felt really good aftwards!  I made juice...Beets, carrots, ginger & apple.  I don't know why, but the juice tasted salty to me!  But I made myself drink it, I hate wasting things!

I then finished off my night with a movie...The Call!  It was really good, I was surprised that I enjoyed it so much.  It was a good suspense movie. 


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