Friday, March 15, 2013

Rethinking wearing Jeans....

Hmmm...not sure what to say.  But every now and again, I wear something that I feel makes me look smaller.  Now last week we had a function for the Arthritis Foundation, and in my true lazy form, I just wore jeans and a hoodie.  After seeing some of the pictures from the event, I was HORRIFIED!  What I say in the picture certainly did not match with what I thought and in all honesty, I looked like I was getting fatter! LOL!

So today, I decided to wear a dress to work.  The weather is rather nice here in Cali.  My personal opinion of this dress is that it is figure flattering.  I find it does a great job and hiding my hips!  So I ponder...Maybe Jeans are not a good clothing choice for me?  Maybe I need more dresses in my wardrobe?  Hmmm....So much to think about.


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