Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Day of the new year....

I hope the way I spent this day is not how I will spend the rest of the year.

I started off with a trip to It's A Grind Coffee Shop for a cranberry Bagel w/ cream cheese and a white chocolate cafe mocha.  Ran some errands, looked at 2 townhouses.  Went home and got into bed.  About about 12:30 I left to go find me something to eat.  This trip lead me to Taco Bell.  Eating my oh so favorite tacos & quesadilla! 5:30p I am scavening for food again.  I am seriously craving some Wing Stop, but my laziness won't allow me to dress, comb my hair and drive over to wingstop.  So into the fridge I go and opened up the bag of fresh express salad and ate it.

What a completely unproductive day!  It was so nice outside when I went out around noon, I had told myself to take advantage of the weather and walk in my neighborhood.  I didn't do it!  

I am going through some of the pictures that were taken while I was in Vegas.  My sister was oh so inconsiderate and took a video of me bowling.  So in true blog fashion...I am posting it!  I did tell myself I would post any and all pics of myself so I had a record of my weight loss or in this case weight gain!

Looking at pictures or videos of oneself is such a reality check!  Oh wee.  Gotta get back on track.  That's all I got for ya.  See ya later!



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