Monday, August 27, 2012

Jet to Jetty 2012...Completed!!!

Howdy there!  I know I have been missing in action yet again!

Some days I just can't seem to make myself get on the computer and blog.  But in all honesty, not much has been going on. My Dad & my brother has been in town, so my life and my schedule has not been my own. They came out to celebrate my birthday and we again did the Jet to Jetty race.  This is now my 3rd year doing this race.  It first started with my Daddy & I doing it, so he has done it with me for the last 2 years. This year he has a hamstring injury, so he did not participate. This year is my brothers second time at the race.  Last year he did the 5k, this year he did the 10K...and he took it all in strides! He did an awesome job!  He ran like a 11:30 mile pace!

As for me...I finished!  Hooray!  I certainly did not jog as much as I anticipated.  It was hard to get going since I was inactive for 4 days and of course ate all sorts of unusual things for 4 days.  But none the less, I was able to maintain my current pace and actually finished a little faster.  When I walk/jog on my own, I do 3 miles in about 50 minutes.  So with the 5K I did 3.1 Miles in the same time.  So not too bad.  The official race times have not yet been posted, but based on my phone tracking I think I am at 50 minutes and some seconds.

Nothing too exciting, but here are a few shots from the race.

Once the official time and any official pictures are taken, I will make another post!  Talk to you later!


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