Thursday, August 9, 2012

Temescal Canyon: DONE!

Excuse Me, Can I have everyone's Attention?
I have a very important announcement to make!  Yesterday, August 8, 2012, I hiked!  Now I can cross that off of my Undertakings list for 2012!  WooHoo!

Now let's talk about this hike!  I am going to tell this story how I felt at the moment doing the hike!  I got to Sunset off of PCH.  Parked and I looked up and said, Damn...that is a frickin' serious mountain!  With much nervousness, I meet with Hailey at the entry of the Park.  We walked back into the park to where the trail begins.  All I keep thinking is, Damn this is a huge mountain.  So as we got to the beginning of the trail, what do I see?  Stairs!  Now ya'll I feel about stairs.  I am here to hike, and not walk up stairs! Maybe about 10 minutes into the hike, my heart was almost pounding out of my chest.  I promise you it was so close to busting through my skin and landing straight on the trail floor!

Thank goodness for Hailey's patience, cause I had to stop many times up that damn hike.  At one point on the trail we moved out of the way to let this older man pass.  Of course being me, I had to size this man up.  Cause the first thing I noticed was how, big he was.  He was not all thin and fit.  He was a heavy set man, that looked like he was in his 60's and he was trekking it up the mountain like it ain't no thing!  He turns and says to me, you are doing a great job, just being out here, you are doing great!  I politely said thank you, and was thinking to myself, if he only knew how I wanted to turn around and get the heck off this mountain!

Shortly running into that older gentleman, comes a lady, walking the opposite direction.  She brought disturbing news, "Be careful up ahead, there is a rattle snake!".  Please know at this point, I was really ready to get off the mountain.  I know she meant to warn us, but I seriously, did not need to here that there was a rattle snake up ahead!

We finally get to the top of the beloved mountain...after like an hour or more!  I felt like an eternity.
Hopefully this embed photo from Picassa works, here are some photos:

The trip down the mountain was still very difficult.  The path down was very scary, so many valleys and dips and rocks, I was really scared to fall!  But none the less...2 hours 3.4 miles later!  I was done!


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