Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Juicing Through the Holidays...I'm In!

Good Morning! Blog readers real & imaginary!

This morning I got an email from the lovely folks at  There was an article -  Juicing Your Way Through the Holidays!  It made me really happy!   I was ready to sign up and join the challenge, when I realized, the challenge was actually posted in 2011!  So there is no challenge in 2012 from what I can see!

But whatevers! I can do my own personal Juicing Your Way Through the Holidays Challenge!  Why not!  I am already set up for it!  This was the tag line that caught my attention, maybe it will move you into action!  "So, join me in the Core Diet "Holiday Juice Challenge": Juice once a day, every day from Thanksgiving to the New Year! You pick the juice, and when you drink it. You'll step into 2012 a stronger and healthier athlete..I guarantee it!"

Here is the Blog post to the Holiday Juice Challenge, please feel free to read it, he did offer up a few recipes.

So I am going to start up this little challenge tomorrow November 29th and I will juice once a day until January 1st?  Who's with me?

As long as I don't get lazy, you shall see my beverage recipes and pictures on this beloved blog of mine.

See ya next time!



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