Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Fish Swimming in Many Ponds!

That is what I am feeling like right now!  I hate to say it, but I have committed myself to so many things!

  • In January I had committed to finishing 1013 miles before the end of 2013
  • Beginning April 1 (yesterday) I joined A Mile A Day challenge for the month of April  
    • Out of my ambition I ended up completing 5 miles on my first day of the challenge.  You may think this is a good thing, which in some sense it is.  But I have not covered this much ground in a while.  My hamstrings are tight, I am tired, I am hungry....and to think I gotta get my tale back out there today to put some miles in.  Eh?  Probably unlikely!
  • I have a 5K this weekend.  Normally this is a non-event for me.  But I have been sick for 3 weeks And my first attempt at getting back to exercising was my Fryman Canyon hike on Saturday. My other dilemma...One of my undertakings for this year was to finally finish a durn 5K in under 45 minutes!  Will this be the race?  Lord, I sure hope so! 
  • The girl who swore off hiking in August 2012; Did a hike last weekend, and has signed up for another hike in April.  Seriously, I am beginning to think I am not in my right mind when I agree to these things!

And this is just a few of the ponds...I'm swimming around like a fish without a head! LOL!  This is just the physically activity part of my life.   Let's not get started on the issues at work here in the middle of tax season!  Home life...a whole other issue.  But this Fish is determined to swim her way to victory. 


MissHaneefa said...

Good luck on your race. I think it is great that you have your hand in so many baskets. Have a great week.

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