Friday, April 19, 2013

Contemplation of the MInd

Last night it hit me that I had signed up for 7-day detox with the wonderful folks for, which is Drew Canole's company.  When this came to my mind, I started thinking, I have to prepare! I have to go shopping, I have to plan!   Sadly, when I have all this intense planning to do, I do it at work! LOL!  So this morning has been very unproductive work-wise, but very productive on a personal level.   7-day Juice Detox, it has been a while since I went 7 straight days on a detox, so there is a bit of nervousness in me.  But it is something that I must do.  I know I need it.

The first thing I did this morning is search through the sale ads to see what produce items were on sales.  Based on what is on sale, I will decide what I will juice for the week.  This is how I juice on a budget.  Much to my surprise, there are lots of goodies that I will need and use for this detox that are on sale!  Carrots 3 lbs for $1, Celery 2 for $1, Apples 2lbs for $1, grapefruit 3 for $1, strawberries 88 cents, Spinach 2 for $1!  I could go on, but you get the point.  So right now I think the only thing I will have to pay full price for are my beets, fennel and Kale.  I am excited and once I get to shopping this weekend, I will be set for my 7-day journey.

Last night I ventured out to a short neighborhood hike/walk.  I feel weird calling it a hike, after comparing it to Temescal, Fryman and Sycamore Canyon this was a walk in the park.  Well not a walk in the park, it was still a challenge, but bit as physically taxing or as long as the other hikes.  The elevation climb was about 400 feet and had beautiful views over the city.  I was so grateful, it was a clear day.  I was upset that I did not have my camera!  This place is fairly close to home, so I have no excuse to get out there more!   I even saw a cute little bunny rabbit along the trail!


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