Friday, April 5, 2013

Ish Just Got Real! ... but I am excited!

Well it's official!...I am really getting ready for the Hollywood Marathon...the 5K race at the Hollywood Marathon!  Yesterday was packet picket up!   I love the shirt for this race!  It's so cute and I will definitely be sporting it when I go walk and jog on my own time!  Even though I don't feel prepared in any way shape or form for this race, I am kinda excited to do it.  We start at 6am...which is hella early, but I prefer that!

I am bib number 4586!  The "So-Called" Expo was rather boring...but we took a picture with the fake Johnny Depp!

After the long drive to Hollywood we went for dinner!  It was good food, but as you can imagine, I ate way way way way way way way too much! I even have left overs.  I ate so much bread, had pasta, soup, and tiramisu!


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