Monday, April 15, 2013

Sycamore Canyon...Huh?

Well I am not sure what I was thinking but believe it or not, I did another darn hike!  That makes 2 for the month of April, and my 3 hike all together.  This one was at Sycamore Canyon in Malibu, CA! 

I know I swore off hikes after Temescal Canyon last year, but I ventured out to Fryman Canyon, and now Sycamore Canyon.  So let me rank these for ya...Temescal Canyon was the hardest, then Sycamore Canyon, then Fryman.  That being said, I felt like I was really gonna die up there on that mountain.  Help me understand the logic in having stairs on the mountain on the climb up?  Like climbing up 800 ft of elevation ain't hard enough!  I could not wait til the downhill!  Then the hike became a piece of cake.  I have come to the conclusion I need a hike that is downhill...both ways! 

The weather was not good.  It was windy, cold and drizzling the whole morning.  There was a thick Marine Layer too that took away all the lovely views of the city and the ocean.  I did get a few pictures, but nothing too stunning.  I am sure I could have gotten more stunning pictures on a clear summer day.    So here is the picture to the photo album:

That's all for me today!  Dueces!


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