Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Crock Pot Soup...It's Back!

It has been unseasonably cold here in Los Angeles.   I think this is the coldest it has been since I moved here.  I am still trying to battle this cold, and I for a while I think I was losing.  I stayed home Monday and let me tell you that made a world of difference being able to rest.

So this cold weather and cold that I have made me make soup! I could not think of a better way to stay warm and to help me get rid of this cold.  So if you don't know, I want to inform you that I keep a crockpot in the office!  I almost have a fully functioning kitchen at work.  I have a blender, crock pot, and a skillet!  So it was time to pull out the crockpot and made my soup for lunch fresh in the office!

Sunday night I took the time to prep, washed all my produce, cut them up, packaged them into ziploc/hefty bags..and I was ready to roll!  So today's soup was a few handfuls of Trader Joe's southern Greens Blend, a hand full of red cabbage, some chopped red & green peppers, cilantro, chicken broth, lemon juice, chicken and brown rice!  In about 2 hours my soup was ready to be eaten and it was good.  Everyone in the office said it smelled really good!

Despite the cold, I decided to finish of the day with walking home from the bus stop instead of taking the bus all the way home.  It was a bit uncomfortable walking in my work clothes, coat, and my purse, but I got some movement in, and that is all that matters!   When it was all said and done, it was almost 2 miles done.  1.92 miles done to be exact!  Over all a good day!  


Rosie said...

That looks delicious!

I got your message about a Challenge... let's do it. If it's only the two of us... I'll come up with something and post soon.

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