Monday, January 28, 2013

Trying to make a U-Turn

Here it is the end of January and I have finally decided it time for me to get back to the pre-holiday me!  Over the weekend I told myself its time to get back to my clean eating.  So like the eager beaver I tend to be, I bought lots of produce and was determined to get back on track starting today. 

By now you know I am gonna tell the truth...I got an A for effort and a D- for actual execution. Would you like to hear how this clean eating day went?  Of course you do, this why you are reading this blog!  LOL!

Breakfast:  White chocolate Latter & a Pepper Jack Cheese Croissant Grade: F

Mid Am Snack:  Ginger Tea with Lemon & a Green Apple  Grade:  A (being generous here)

Lunch:  My prepacked veggie plate consisting of celery sticks, tomatoes, and baby bell peppers, and 2 tablespoons of Hummus Grade A

Random Mid Afternoon snacks:  2 small fudge brownie bites; snack bag of Sour Cram & Onion Chips, 2 hard boiled eggs, and a whole avocado

Dinner:  Sauteed Mushrooms, 2 hard boiled eggs and Chia Seed pudding

Finished out the evening with a nice walk in the cold and man it was cold and very windy! 

So like I said, I am trying to make a U-Turn.  Todays attempt was not the greatest, but its a start.  Hopefully as the week progresses this will get better, and I can tighten up this eating thing. 


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