Thursday, January 10, 2013

First of the Year...FLU!!!

Nothing exciting to report, but I am so bored!

Not much blogging going on, but I have been under the weather.  That is no excuse, but that is my reason for laying low.  Here I am 10 days into the New Year and I am still fighting off this pesky cold/flu!

I have been thinking about what my goals would be for this year.  I think my list is ready, but I will sleep on it for one more day.  The list will be short this year and I think my list is more personal growth items that weight loss items.  I only have one weight loss goal, and it's a big goal, but I can do it.  I have 365 days to get it done.

I feel that this is going to be a great year.  The year has started off with new friendships, which I am excited to see them grow.  My heart continues to desire more for myself, better for myself, and more importantly to draw closer to the true and living God.  It's time for freedom and it's time for release.  That word's big one! It hold within it so much!  So this goal list is definitely short and more focused this year.

On a more on the spot note, I had the most wonderful salad for lunch today from Piknik, the Salmon Nicoise Salad!  It was and is truly the most amazing salad I have tasted in my life!  It was the lunch special for today, but I hope its a regular menu item.  I have to get that more often, or at least attempt to make it on my own!  I feel a day of cooking in my future!


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