Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Absolutely Astonished!

I am posting early today, I want to be done with all my chores so I can watch Criminal Minds without any interruptions. I just got home from spin class. I could not make my 3:30p personal training session with Jen, so I had to at least get some cardio in.

Today is one of those days I look back on and say, wow, how did I do it? I am sure you heard to talk about how intense spin class is. But can you believe I did 2 sessions today? I actually got up early, and hit the 5:30am class. Went about my day, and made a late evening session, and made it through both! I don't know how though...getting through one class is hard enough. Nonetheless, I am grateful!

So here is today's eats:

Breakfast: Coffee and an apple

Lunch: Salad (spring mix, tomato, cucumber,chicken lemon juice for dressing)

Dinner: Same as lunch, with a piece of melba toast.

  • 40 minutes of early morning spinning @ 24 hour fitness - Hawthorne
  • 60 minutes of evening spinning @ 24 hour fintess - Hawthorne
Nothing else to really report today. It was my usual unevenful busy day. I did start working on website project for a friend. That was kind of cool. That is my new creative outlet. Well that is all for now, going to hit the shower, put on my jammies and get ready for Criminal Minds.

See you Lighter!


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