Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Hodgepdoge

I couldn't think of anything to label today. But what a day it was. Well I want to start off with my 2 purchases today. My first purchase was a printer from Target. The cool thing is that Target didn't have it advertised as being on sale, I only found it as I wondered aimlessly through the store. They were kinda of hidden. I got an Epson Printer, that prints, scan, and photo copies. It was a whopping $29.99! Can you believe it?

My second purchase, I got a mirror for my apartment. It has a pretty bronzy looking metallic frame. I bought it at Big Lots for $25. Now I just need to find some artwork that I like for the living room and I think I will be set.

So let's get to food and excercise stuff, is that cool?

Breakfast: Coffee
Mid AM Snack: Gala Apple
Lunch: Salad (Romaine Lettuce, Cucumbers, tomatoes) lemon juice for dressing
Dinner: Same as lunch

That is it for today.  The workout today with Jen was tough.  Gonna watch NCIS at 8 and go to bed!  Catch you lighter! :)



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