Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend In Review...

Hiddy Ho There!
Weekends come and weekends go.  Here I am on Monday wishing it was still the weekend. Reflecting back on the last few days, this weekend was absolutely WONDERFUL!  I really did enjoy myself!

I started off my Friday with an early morning Spinning Class!  It has been a good while since I made it to spin class.  My butt needs to be retrained to handle the bicycle seat...again!  But overall a great workout, as always.  I realized then, that I missed spinning!  Gotta do better about making it to class!

Saturday...Bike Ride!  This time It was a bit different of bike ride.  We started at Dockweiler beach and then instead of getting on the bike path we rode on some of the streets!  Lo & Behold, I found streets that took me to my house!  I was so excited!  Here is the path:  Distance wise, it was a shorter route than I would normally ride, but I was able to do it very quickly since I didn't have to worry about the congested bike path!  And I only took one break!

After the bike ride, my next feat was a stroll.  Just did 2 miles, but walked on the sand!  Oh my word, it was difficult! But I got it done!

Non-exercise related stuff.  Hung out with some friends...watched some movies.  Enjoyed the sun, did some shopping.  Laughed, ate, and was merry!  

Sunday, I chickened out of Speed Training...again!  That was 2 Sundays in a row I did not do it!  Oops!  Well that is all I will bore with for now, cause my boss just got to work and I guess I should pretend like I am working!  Talk to you later!


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