Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Get Moving Mondays....

Mondays, oh Mondays...I hate when you coming around!  But yesterday was actually a pretty decent Monday!  I am beginning to look forward to Mondays...kinda!?!

Well again yesterday..Group walk #2 with Black Girls Run!  The Westchester Crew increased from 2 people to 7 last night.  I had what I call a big group!  I had some runners, some woggers, and some walkers!  It was awesome!  So last nights 3 miles was a personal best.  I finished those 3 miles in 49:36!  Yeah me!  A 2 minute improvement from last week.  My next goal is to get under 45 miles!

After our walking adventure, Hailey and I ventured out for another game of tennis!  Tennis is still hard as heck, but we are enjoying ourselves!  We played for little over an hour.  The courts in Westchester are not as crowded as they were in Cheviot Hills.  So that is a plus. We had some guys that were eyeing us down last night and was trying to get a real, "pick up game".

Very active day...Food choices not so great.  But I will improve.  Getting ready for the big weigh in tomorrow, so I will behave myself today!


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